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Sunday, September 22, 2019

What"s Going On

We all share some of our worlds, most have never met in person, all aging, but guess this one
who is the matriarch probably beyond many of you?

My problem at this time is severe Arthritis, but lucky not until the late '70s was it sometimes unbearable.  Maybe knee replacement would have helped, never offered and just shots in the knees, it progressed to fluid
being taken off.   The procedure is done almost 3 months ago so it is resurfacing.

A busy life, very little medication ever used, wanted to go the healthy route.  With aging, just
the natural decline in areas that I thought would not happen.  Not to a healthy diet, exercise,
yoga person.    Well it is not missing the lady by the woods

Today a painful day and I still am trying to take the easy route, really a painful year and most started with my tooth being pulled by a beginner, my doctor in surgery, with results from it is still painful on the right
side of my face will never go away, nothing can be done and not noticeable to anyone but this one
and my sometimes rosy complexion looks rather nice :) Shingles you are horrible, especially on the face.

From this a heart attack, pacemaker put in and I still after it has been explained many times
"where did this come from?"   Weakened me and many go home soon but I live solo and insurance
covered 3 weeks in the best place in Nashville, so I went.

When I share with my son he just tells me the body wears out.  My nurse daughter wants me
to go to some other specialist for arthritis and I just am weary of doctors.

I am changing my simple medication routine, now take blood pressure medication morning and night and it took months to get the right dose and finally now fine.   Went through nightmares, not sleeping, intestinal issues but they have all left.

Now arthritis body pain, do some simple exercises, breathe as my son tells me, meditate
and Tylenol and find now 1/2 of a Hydracodine with it  helps tremendously and it is 1/2 of the smallest dose
and told this is nothing but I did not want to take it.

Now checking into CBD oil, writer daughter sent me some from the best supplier and I talked to them
on the phone yesterday for more information and my doctor said it is fine: take it
trying to see what dose would be best.   The lowest dose just once a day placing the oil under the tongue gives
amazing relief.  So have started this
the mind does not want too but with the 80's rolling by quickly and if this gives me relief may

In my heart just do not want to be the oldest writing online, but then the mind lags far behind
the chronological aga and mind says I am much younger, told this is normal, do not know anyone my age :)

My past of creating homes and gardens, running a corporation is finished, I direct another, but they come and go.
Article in the New York Times (son sent me and I saw it today in the paper) on a home with a natural garden, I might do but would worry
about snakes, ticks and other critters.  So I see more changes that may arrive so better accept and adapt.  There are all kinds of beautiful grasses,   Just miss me out there with a hoe in hand.

My special driver friend arrives home tomorrow from 2 week trip in Florida, will check with the doctor on the biopsy and pray all went well.

So without my writing, camera, now on Instagram, my books piled everywhere, where would I be.

Never thought of aging until last few years ago and know family is weary of my sharing
so they do not need to ask.

A beautiful day, cool mornings and life goes on but without loved ones and most cared for friends.

Don't forget your flu shot, tomorrow my car serviced, busyness never stops and seems not much appetite lately, need to gain a few pounds.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Love, hugs and prayers for you dear Ernestine ~ FlowerLady

Tabor said...

Your mind and ideas are still very sharp and energetic. I am so sorry for the pain and hope something works consistently. Pain is exhausting. You might want someone to build you a few waist high beds and fill with sand and then good top soil for a small garden of fruits and veggies.

Suemn said...

Please do eat Ernestine! You make the most wonderful meals.

Wisewebwoman said...

I hear you. I try and keep my organ recitals to a minimum except with dear old friends who understand and we take turns for a while and then on to more uplifting stuff, like what we are still able to do. Books we read, netflix we watch, etc. The young don't want to hear of our challenges except in tiny doses.

You are doing remarkably well considering all the challenges, the unpredictable challenges. I know we always feel we deserve a better old age if we have treated our bodies well but it is all a crapshoot. My mother was so healthy and still died in her fifties from malignant melanoma. And I could on about all these healthy people now dead who treated their bodies like temples.

Hang in there. Keep writing.


Carolyn Marie said...

A dear friend of mine has developed such bad arthritis in one knee that she can't walk without a cane or walker. This started only about 8 months ago but it has completely changed her life. Before this she was a bundle of energy with a half dozen volunteer jobs, daily and daily trips to the gym. She has had to give up all but one of the volunteer jobs and the gym. She started using the CBD oil that you described and she has been so much better! If the relief continues she will be able to go back to her activities. I hope that it will work for you too.

Rebecca said...

My 93 year old father lives with us the past 3 years. It is my privilege to get a realistic picture of what aging involves.

In a sense, you are still running a corporation! Managing one's health, daily decisions, arranging transportation, shopping, appointments.....and on it goes.

I will be 71 in December. Already a knee and hip replacement. I have a feeling I've just begun! 😊