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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Little One

A fruit, yogurt, muffin, tea, and coffee 65-degree morning, litte one get out of the soybean field.

think the hummers have left, seems early, maybe a prediction of early winter.  Remember many years they are here into October, maybe they are still sleeping :)


Wisewebwoman said...

Your keen eye observes the world around and shares your morning reflection. Thank you!


Tabor said...

My hummers are gone as well I think. Sad, because I hoped they would stay until I left on my trip. But they have to get out ahead of the weather do they not? What a sweet destructive deer.

Judy said...

Sweet little deer doe. My Orioles have long since left on their flight back to Baltimore and my Hummers have headed south. Monarch Butterflies were here for awhile, but on their way to Mexico.

Anne Bee said...

Your simple description of taking tea and noticing wildlife lets us into your morning world so easily. I drained a pot of fresh coffee this morning and watched a Redstart, an Old World flycatcher, enjoy a bath in the upturned bin lid before continuing his flight south to Africa for the winter.