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Friday, September 20, 2019

Good Day Arriving

How can you not begin a day with a smile
when you receive a picture your son took while walking the beach in that far away land and sends
it to his mama
Thoughts, miss him, wish I was there and thanks to him for making me smile on a cooler morning

My helper girl came through surgery with flying colors, so thankful, now Christy heal and change
some unhealthy habits.

Writer daughter my Jamie spent most of the day with me on Tuesday, hair wash, blow-dry and feels so good, picked up fish taco's, so good brought home.  Seems at this time of life do not like noisy
eating places and just like to pick up something twice a week and bring it to my cottage.

Look at her recent image and still difficult to accept we are not cat people, guess it changed,
she adores him. 

Yesterday a horrid experience
license time to be renewed
thought I would be smart and renew myself
3-hour wait
was not good for this one.

So all you share their words with me
thank you and take care of yourselves.


Rebecca said...

Three hour waits are difficult for ANYONE! Was it worth it?

I,too, find little to love about noisy places. Find it odd that people complain about the pace of life all the while making choices that contribute to it. Sad, in my opinion.

Enjoy your quiet place today, my friend.♥️😊

lil red hen said...

Lucky, lucky Fred!! How I wish I could have an inside cat! There are lots of cats at the barn, just ones that demand to be fed. :)
I have probably got the last license I'll ever need; it expires when I'm 84 and then I shouldn't drive I guess. I don't need a license to drive the farm tractor in the fields. :) The DMV office is always full.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

my license expires next month - 85 - still drive to the local small town, if I stop that is overs so do not go far but it was renewed as 10 years old, do not like picture :}

Wisewebwoman said...

I had to get a physical for mine last year, turning 75. Passed. Phew.

I've had cats, it depends on the personality. Some were more canine than feline.

Hang in there girlie. Keep sharing. It keeps us sane in this gnarled up world.