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Sunday, June 30, 2019


So hot outside

Looks like rain all next week
so pleased wheat was cut.  A small harvest compared to over 40 years ago when I moved
to this land, sold half of it over the last 40 plus years, but knew in my heart I would someday return to where I built a small home and live now
The field looks so clean and neat.

Blood pressure still not where it should not be as it goes really high during the night

Nurse daughter came today, had some thoughts and contacted who you could reach by phone
after hours.

I thank her for her suggestions and help.

It will be resolved in time but makes me really anxious when so high at 3:00 AM.

Plan on returning to where PaceMaker was put in and some tests and blood work will be done
just takes time and I want it resolved immediately.

A memory picture, the year the field was filled with corn.
Now they are teenagers.

If anyone on Instagram, join me
I really like
a picture and a few words are all there is to it.

But really
same picture I post on my journal


Wisewebwoman said...

Such an early harvest. Love the picture of those girlies.


Tabor said...

Not on Instagram, but maybe some day. Those two gals are so lovely and they do grow as fast as the corn it seems. Your writing sounds as if you are making a good turn and glad that you have medical person in the family!

Sharon said...

Despite everything else, you find joy every day. I am learning that joy begets joy. The more I celebrate, the more there is to celebrate. May you find joy today ~