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Saturday, June 22, 2019


Just before dark last night, the phone rang.
I usually do not answer the phone after 7:00
still earlier and picked up the receiver
it was my nurse daughter, she shared of storm warnings and said turn on the television.
I rarely turn it on at this time of life and did not.

Oh my what a storm and have trees in the drive, gutters running over and some outside furniture
not where it was placed.

Lights went out and all of this I found upsetting but got through it.  When lights and phone came back on it seemed for some reason lights upstairs were on, I no longer go up there without help, but did try
and halfway came back downstairs as it unnerved me.   Have not heard from anyone
and started raining again this morning.   A new young man that helped with my roof called and said when the rain
stops he will arrive and clean out gutters and the trees, thank you, Jose.

Also, have a sink leaking and water turned off in my bathroom.  Put necessities in the utility room
The first thing to go wrong since I built this smaller home by the woods, so that is good.

Received a picture from my daughter and looks like my granddaughter who gave me my first
great-grandchild last year is presenting me another one in November :)

Jessica, husband and that 19-month-old great grandson are on their way to Italy.  Safe travel wishes
and have a wonderful time,  May start reading all my favorite books about Italy.

Have decided to let my special driver take me to Nashville once a month, my outing.  We did this yesterday wanted to
go to Farmers Market, not much there would be better on a Saturday for special baked goods and plants.  An upscale flower area enjoyed walking through but everything so expensive.
Did buy a Lucky Bamboo plant you put in water, had one years ago and they sure grow fast.
Maybe it will bring me luck
Like this but would not look like my country garden and price outrageous
Headed home, to weary to stop for lunch.
We pass my favorite junk shop and they came down to less then $20 for a bench that helper is
painting the apple red.   I have several places may put it, maybe in the woods by my son's Buddha.
Enough shared
wish I was not so emotional at a time with storms going on, lights going out and a lot more.
But love my home by the woods.


Rebecca said...

Glad you are safe after storm. Your cabin and outdoor area will be straightened and back to normal soon. No hurries/no worries.😊

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Rebecca, have been told many times not to let things upset me, especially with heart issue so sorry that I am this way.

Wisewebwoman said...

The easiest thing to tell anyone is not to worry. How unfeeling is that?

I remember years ago a shaman telling me to envision the worst that can happen and the best that can happen and life falls somewhere in the middle of that. It helped me so much to this day even. Just looking at the worst and feeling it and then moving on to the best and feeling that.

Love your excursion pictures.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Glad you are safe! Storms scare me also.

Judy said...

It is scary living alone when the storms come!
Glad you had a nice day out.

Tabor said...

Storms are terrifying. I hope you have a cell phone and have someone set up weather alerts. Yes, they can be unnerving while you wait and nothing happening, but it is wise to be prepared. We all get scared when some storm races overhead.

Suemn said...

It sound like you had a fun trip to Nashville and back. It's so nice that you have wonderful people to help you when needed.

Rian said...

I too find storms upsetting lately. Wonder if it's an age thing? There was a time when I loved the noise and drama of storms. But now we seem to be having so many...
Glad you got through it OK. The weather alerts that come through the cell phones are a good thing (especially if it's a severe weather warning that comes in the middle of the night).

Gemma's person said...

I have found lately that I have slept through a storm.
I usually don't take cover or anything different anyway, but worry. :)