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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Simple Creation and More

Wanted something on the terrace for birds to sit on along with the hummingbirds
Not up to visiting Lowes and ordered this large inexpensive saucer from Amazon,
placed it on an old flower pot turned upside down and placed my old one winged angel in it.

Special help followed my instructions

I like it

Driving home from an errand
everywhere on the country roads
tobacco being cut

Soon smoke will be coming out of the barns
where it will be hung
love the scent in the early morning

A new bloom


Rebecca said...

What fine improvision! And how I'd love to sniff that early morning air... Have a fine rest
of the weekend!

Tabor said...

You have a wonderful talent for design. No wonder that your homes were featured in magazines. I have gotten so discourage with my yard and patio, but maybe I should step back and let your innovation guide me.

Joared said...

Very creative. Ah, the familiar smiles and the memories they can trigger.