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Saturday, March 11, 2017

This Is How I Communicate With My Family...

Yes, I share with family and those who read my words.

Snow early this morning, did not linger long

Young daughter a full day today and tomorrow.  They have been on the road with my my youngest
granddaughter's involving school activities,  One has a birthday tomorrow and some coming for
a sleep over tonight and here she is busy with a new job.   Everyone stays so busy but remember those
day's well with 5 children in the home and working.  Four I gave birth too and one that came with
her father, her mother had passed away when Mary was a baby.

Son's long trip over the ocean soon to begin and mom will not sleep for several nights praying
for her son's safety over the ocean.   I am so excited about seeing him.....
A big weather change from over 100 degree temperature to maybe snow when he arrives....

Late meal of Salmon, Asparagus and little Potato's, some blue that my Laurie introduced me too
and the last slice of Carrot Cake I ordered at Christmas.  A huge cake and last a long time
in the freezer.  The best I have ever tasted and a friend's daughter made it for me.


Marcie said...

Is your son coming by ship rather than plane?

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Oh Marcie, I meant flying over the water :)
I am so excited, it has been a year since he was here
Almost wish he would
sell everything here, drug me and take me back to Thailand with him...

Tabor said...

It is so hard being away from out loved ones, but we do have to respect that is it now their time to live their lives and contribute as they think best. Snow, it missed us.

Judy said...

We have lots of snow coming tomorrow and I have to drive in it to get to PT. If it is too bad, I will call and cancel. I worry so about my kids flying hither and yon. And I too, don't see them often enough. They are all so busy. It seems to me, no matter how busy I was back in the day, I still had time to visit my mother and grandma at least once every week.

Wisewebwoman said...

Wow big change in weather. Here we had a hurricane yesterday. Awful frightening

You had me thinking of busy job raising kids single handedly and never any time to breathe

Good luck with son.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor and Judy, mine all doing well and happy, just miss them and guess I am
normal. Family in the past all lived close to one another and always visiting.
Not that way with mine :)
WWW, :)

Pienosole said...

Feeling your excitement of being with your family and inspired by your commitment to eating delicious and nutritious food. :-)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Pienosole, thank you always for your constant encouragement...