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Friday, March 3, 2017

Perfect For Me

Sharing with a friend that I know longer can use my heavy vacuum, she shared she had a small chargeable
vacuum for quick clean ups.   I ordered from Amazon, it arrived and was faulty, kept coming on and off even though
I had correctly charged.   Returned and new one arrived today and it is perfect,
Not for heavy cleaning but quick use on rug by computer where I spend a lot of time, over hardwood
in kitchen where I now make a mess.  I tried another type a few years ago but did not like it and this seems perfect for me at this time   Now two of my children could not use with pets
 small clean out tray would fill immediately but perfect for me at $29.00.  Trish, thank you....
When someone helps me every few weeks they can go over everything with heavy vacuum.
Late meal, shopping yesterday, Asparagus on sale .99 cents a bunch and also Bok Choy on sale
two of my favorites and a purchase of small piece of Salmon.  Added a small baked potato,
just finished and have enough for tomorrow.

Sun is shining brightly, wind is blowing, kind of cool and was 32 here in the country this morning.

I have to give in and have Cortisone shots in both shoulders where rotator cuffs are torn from falls and surgery is not an option at this time of life because of healing pain for months.  Cannot raise arms over half way, painful and difficult to hang clothes, reach items and in the process of lowering a lot.
Help today and they had to hang up a lot of things for me
Was hoping to be brave and not do this, last September the last shots when daughter Laurie made a visit, seems pain is now too  great no
matter what I do.   This always works immediately, just me, do not like anything I cannot do
naturally :(   Guess from age 80 and on there are a lot of things we may have to do that we do not like.


Judy said...

Those shots hurt! The needles are too long and big and the Cortisone burns.
You are a braver man than I am, Gunga Din!

Marcie said...

That sounds like a great new tool for you. Glad your friend recommended that to you! Hope the cortisone helps!

Yellow Shoes said...

I got rid of my heavy vacuum cleaner some time ago for a cordless runaround like yours. It takes no time at all to unplug it from the charger and give everything a daily once over. You seem to be constantly looking for practical ways to make your day easier- well done! X

Rebecca said...

Wonderful to live in an age when multiple devises make it easier to maintain independence longer.... Still comes a time when we find out we DO need others. Too bad our pride prevents us from asking and receiving sometimes and our self-centeredness keeps us from seeing and giving. "Life, we learn too late, is in the living, the tissue of every day and hour." ~Stephen Leacock

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Judy, have no alternative the pain is so great and keeps me awake at night.
Rebecca, oh yes.
Marcie, :) it always works, hope it does not disappoint me this time. But painful
Anne, yes a constant search. A new life and told I am not accepting well :)