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Saturday, March 4, 2017

On The Loft

Made it too the loft
it is like a green house up there.

Christmas Cactus
still blooming

Orchids into third month of blooming -where I do not want them - on the ancient chop block - guess it is their home now :
Beds upstairs with 150 year old bedspreads, one my mother's and one my grandmother's
have been made up for family visits  to perfection by helper - this one is a keeper


Wisewebwoman said...

Wow you had 4 posts that I read voraciously.

You are on top of things for your son's visit. All healing with the cortisone. Boy this aging stuff can be rough.


Pienosole said...

This space looks warm and calm and welcoming. I too send you best wishes for healing and lots of pain relief!

Judy said...

The quilts are gorgeous!!!!!
As are the Orchids and Cactus.
As is all the sun coming in through the windows.
I think we are going to live to see another spring!

Marcie said...

What a pretty guest bedroom. I would never want to leave!

You have a fine touch with orchids. I've always been afraid to try!