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Monday, March 6, 2017

It Seems

I feel a little better and then it goes away,   Bad night and balance so bad and fear falling.
Told it would be worse as time goes on and just keep moving and doing and do not stop.
cane and walker near and new lower mattress arriving soon as just so difficult to get up
on this bed - I do it - but difficult.   Just do not like these extreme flares.

A day you do not feel like eating  or cooking and purchased several weeks ago for a time like this.

So had 1/2 of each and tolerable,  Burger would have been excellent with lettuce, tomato
and avocado, but not on hand at the moment.   Full of sodium, other ingredients healthy and
since only a banana and yogurt consumed at 7:00 - something needed in my stomach

Since freezer has been emptied of small cartons of home made soup I have put some chicken
thighs out defrost and in the morning will make chicken soup in the crock pot.

Early this morning met the nicest young woman, an immediate bond.  My cousin recommended her
as she does dog grooming and she works part time at Cracker Barrel, where he eats and helps with her mother in law
who has health issues.
A plus as she lives close by.....

Callie, usually runs the other way when a groomer arrives.  Not this time, she loved Heather,
I like her name, beautiful kind young woman and I never let Callie ride in my car with me
always take her places in the old  truck.
Off they go in her car, window down, Callie with her head out the window and she surely is spoiled now.    Callie done beautiful - looks like a show dog.

I am blessed as Heather shared that if she is free on days off she can go with me on errands if I feel uncomfortable.    I may need her sooner then I anticipated.

Heather, thank you so much for your kindness
this early morning.   I think Callie would go live with you :)

Early morning viewing
a Bluebird going into birdhouse :)
and a few blooms arriving

A beginning.....


Marcie said...

Heather sounds like a blessing. I love that name too. So glad she came into your life, just as you need her. I am sorry for the pain and lack of balance. Sending love!

Tabor said...

I feel so bad that your days are so difficult right now. Then you find a friend and I feel relieved that your are surrounded by angels. Your spirit does attract them.

Wisewebwoman said...

So sorry you are poorly. That souffle looks good. And wee Callie had her beauty day.

The Helper has appeared. Delighted for you.


Pienosole said...

I too am sorry you are having this difficult time. I admire your determination to take care of yourself, to improve whatever you can, and to welcome the kindness of others. Sending many well wishes and a big hug to you!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcie, Tabor, WWW and Pienosole,

Judy said...

I have wondered how one day can be so great, hardly any pain, feeling wonderful and wake up the next morning to quite a different feeling. How can that happen while we are just resting and sleeping? Doesn't seem fair at all and a mystery.
Beautiful name, Heather. Conjures up images of a beautiful purple field of flowers gently moving in a warm spring breeze. Glad Callie liked her and wasn't scared.
Carry on Dear Heart--moving ever forward--it is all we can do now.

joared said...

It are moving along well at your rate on any given day -- that's what we have to do with so much unpredictable. Wonderful to have someone close by to call on when needed. Good indicator if your dog likes her, too.