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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ironing, Chicken Soup and Scarves

A drizzling all day rain, the kind of day I always liked to iron.   The pile is high in room soon to be son's room.   I cautiously head of the stairs to the loft area and begin to iron pillow cases and cloth napkins that if I take out of the dryer quickly can smooth nicely.   A stack that I left in the dryer too long
and I begin to press them.   Winter tops being put up and like scarves, heavy ones are folded neatly
and put in storage upstairs.  In the back of the drawer crumpled I come across 3 scarves.
Remember buying them in Jamaica over 40 years ago.   As I pressed them out they are over
6 ft long, so soft almost feel like silk and I notice the edges have all been stitched by hand, these are made by hand.    They look like tie dye
and my favorite is a Peach or Coral color.  I try and tell my children the stories of all that is in
this small home as almost everything has a story.   No one may be interested but to me all is
special. and bring back memories.    Trips to the ocean many times in the past and always wore scares on my hair, now
wear them around my neck most of the time it seems I stay chilly...
Made Chicken soup in the crock pot, starting at 6:00 AM  So good and more then half can go in freezer.

Wish my Jamie, with a family, so busy - was near where it could be shared with her.   Will put
several cartons in the freezer.


Marcie said...

The scarves are beautiful. I love the story behind them. Everything I have is like that. If it doesn't have a story, there seems no value in keeping it (except for really useful items.)

The soup will be nice to have on hand, ready to go, for a day when you don't feel like cooking. Sounds like you were very productive today!

Rebecca said...

The soup looks SO yummy!
I made a vegetable soup in my crock pot today, too.
Tomorrow I will deliver a couple portions to friends who live alone and enjoy it.
What beautiful scarves...

Judy said...

The only time I ever wore scarves was in the 60's when I had a Convertible. I used to put them on, over lap the tie in front and then tie them on the back of my neck. Tres Chic! or so I thought. LOL
I love having containers of soup and boiled dinner and chili in the freezer so I can just take out and microwave and eat. With no cooking and very little mess.