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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sweet Peas a Memory Plant for my Grandmother

I remember this plant well
my paternal grandmother had them growing in her yard
always a bouquet on the table.

I think of them through the years and have never planted and now with smaller garden I have 3
bare trellises where roses did not grow these damp woods.

A thought
will look on Amazon and there they were

Just ordered......
They grow wild, the color pink on some of these country roads but this is a mixture of beautiful colors
and the description says they are fragrant.

So seeds  with special memories will be planted and also remember my father calling me
"sweet pea"
 when I was growing up
hated it as time went by.......

Strange as you age - so many memories surface.

Have never seen these plants a Lowe's.

Sunny, breezy day.


Marcie said...

They will be so pretty growing in your garden. We have the wild pink ones, but this assortment of colors looks wonderful. I like the memories you shared, too.

Judy said...

Easier to grow from see then transplant I would think. I love them and used to have them growing on a small white fence in front of my wee small (1st) home. I haven't grown them in years. I wonder if they would grown in a porch railing planter and cascade down? I may experiment this spring.

Tabor said...

My mother grew them in the Colorado mountains. They were brilliant climbing a trellis under a window!

Wisewebwoman said...

My mother grew them and oh how they climbed, I still recall the smell.

Your chicken soup and scarves look good. I'm a scarf woman.


Nan said...

I do love sweet peas. Sometimes they grow well, and other years not at all. Such a gift when they do.