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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Encourager

Arthur the young therapist
came this morning
his last visit.

He has constantly encouraged me onward,
listened to me talk continually
about my children and grandchildren and
the ultra sound machine was amazing

Before he left
he said "lets go to the garage
and I want to see you get in your car
and out
see how you do"

I had not driven my car this month
and only twice last month
No problem getting in and out.

Then he had me walk around outside
to see how I did
sun was shining
felt so good.

I had shared that I always loved to cook and bake
but not recently
and struggle with appetite
but yesterday when Lisa drove me to the dentist
she stopped at Cracker Barrel
and I went inside
and ordered a dinner of trout with some vegetables
and a piece of apple pie
for take out.
It was so good
ate half at lunch
and finished last night.

As Arthur and I started back inside
he made the remark
of how beautiful it was outside
and said  " I think you need to drive to the Cracker Barrel for your lunch"
Well I did
after he left
felt so good to be out, but was a little nervous driving
and I went slow
on the country roads.

I cried when he pulled out of the drive
and have his number if I have any problem or questions.
He  is working with my doctor for me to go to out patient
physical therapy

This young man is about the age of my youngest daughter
and has two little girls about a year younger then my two youngest grandchildren.

I will never forget him and his help
over the last month for healing
I want so to do something for him
but do not know what
did give him some products my friend makes,
soap and body butter for his wife
I had nothing masculine in this home for a gift.

So a good day
but some sadness....


Sallysmom said...

Hoping something will come to pass where you will get more help like this. Take care.

Wisewebwoman said...

I am so happy to hear this good news. You're driving! Yay! He sounds very special.

Pienosole said...

What heartwarming and energizing news! Brava! Smiling and sending you love. :-)

Rebecca said...

Was the fire going at Cracker Barrel? My favorite spot to sit is at one of the two small tables in front of it - especially in winter when the fire is kept stoked...

I'm glad you took Arthur's advice and celebrated by driving. He sounds like a very wise young man. Praying that your confidence continues to expand and that your physical health improves daily to support your beautiful soul. ♥

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a sweet post! I'm glad you had such a wonderful and compassionate therapist.

Congrats on driving again and going out to Cracker Barrel as your first outing.

Have a lovely weekend and continued well-being.


Anvilcloud said...

Well, that seems encouraging despite the tinge of sadness.

Tabor said...

You are the kind of person that touches people's lives as much or more so than they touch yours. I am sure he had feelings of regret that he had to move on. You are also brave and going off to the restaurant was a wonderful task. Keep up the pushing. You will be back to you old self soon.

lil red hen said...

I usually feel a twinge of sadness when my children and grandchildren leave.
I haven't driven myself to town in ages; now I would be sooo nervous! I drive all over this farm but don't have other cars to worry about.

lejmom said...

You could get him a gift card to the Cracker Barrel...he could take his wife and children there, and he would be reminded of you :) Glad you ventured out---baby steps...

joared said...

As therapist in another of the rehab team disciplines, I can tell you our reward is seeing the progress someone we treat makes. Glad you were able to venture out to eat and hope you'll be able to continue as he has suggested.

MsGraysea said...

What a lovely thing that Arthur came in to your life to help you. I am sure you gave him as much as he gave you. So glad you were able to get out on your own. May the coming Spring see you out more and more, especially to enjoy your special Wood Haven. The best to you today from Cape Cod!

tracey said...

My thoughts exactly!! Seconding this motion... and your motions. Congratulations!!

Nan said...

He sounds just wonderful.