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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More Cold Weather

The temperature is rapidly dropping
cold, windy and raining
suppose to turn to snow
and hopefully this is the end of cold weather.

What I have been taking for pain
seems to have lost its power
maybe the weather.

Special girl
2 hours this morning
and at lunchtime called
going to fish place
with husband for lunch
and offered to bring me something.
Shrimp and fish tasted so good
with rice and cold slaw.

I looked out the window
and this was sitting on the deck rail
and I thought
"mama is that you
making a visit ?)
I hope so/
I read years ago
that a cardinal near your home
is a deceased loved one
making a visit....


Judi said...

We were lucky at our house. But just 10 miles east of us had 5" of snow. Windy but I was cozy inside with a good book and made old fashioned tapioca. Am glad you are on the road to recovery. Keep up what works for you. How the body heals itself is constantly amazing to me. I find at my age my body just takes longer to heal. Also, sleep seems to be my best healer. I don't know why but it has been that way for a few years. Others, take over the counter stuff for headaches and pains and I find a good nap helps me more than anything. Of course, I am retired and can let things go for a day. At first, husband asked if okay and now he realizes how important that time is for me. I don't do it everyday but I can tell when I need "down time". I may only rest my eyes and listen to a CD but my body needs rest. I tell everyone my cells need to get re-aligned. HA Keep it up.

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, I heard that about the cardinal too, so your mum did visit, lovely. Fish and chips are a nice treat though I'm forbidden all such things now, shocked into a kind of stunned obeisance by a specialist I saw today. I console myself by saying I've had far too much of a good life so that this next part will be abstemious.

My, I'm one for big words today. Sorry to hear your pain meds are not working. I hope your pain is not too awful. Nothing worse.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judi, relate so
to what you share.
No snow here
as I look outside
i the middle of the night.
I am up mornings by 5
go to bed by 7
and seems up in the middle of night
for Ensure :)
In years past
never rested much
but do now
jut rest in the day not sleeping
is healing...

Sandra said...

What a gorgeous red cardinal. We don't have those where I live. It is said that all winged creatures are messengers from afar.

Rebecca said...

Rest IS healing.
So is the joy of seeing a bright red cardinal.
Both are gifts.
Not all who sit can rest.

Sky said...

Yummm - I may make some coleslaw today! Cabbage is good for us, and I love it. Hope your rheumatologist will find a treatment plan that brings ongoing success in getting your RA under control so you are not in so much discomfort. I had a rough day yesterday - every step I took hurt to the core. Sending you many good wishes for relief and strength. Hugssss.

Pienosole said...

Yes, rest is healing. I too hope you can find treatment that brings you relief. I love the red cardinal. Love and hugs to you.

Tabor said...

Glad you are safe from the weather. We had severe winds and places to the north and west had tornadoes and one family was swept away. We sat in the basement and watched TV as the edge of the storm passed. We awoke to a yard that did not look too destroyed and weather is warmer today. I see snow to the west of us and am wondering if it will reach us. Your doctor should consult a pain specialist and maybe that could help.

Barb said...

Stay safe and warm, enjoying treats brought by others. I love your cardinal.

Anvilcloud said...

I'd never read that superstition about a cardinal visiting. One visited after my father died. Mind you, I think it's coincidence, but it's fun.

Pienosole said...

Good Morning. Hope you're feeling better. I saw these photos from the London orchid festival and thought of your beautiful orchids:

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Pienosole, thank you

my orchids are into their 2nd month of blooming
still so beautiful...