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Monday, February 15, 2016

Remember Socrates and Hopefully Mice are gone soon....

Just read these words
and have to share

Socrates said

"The secret if change
is to focus all of your energy
not on fighting the old


Image received of my oldest granddaughter in New York,
visiting her in laws and outside with their dog Violet.

Love that name :)

Mice in house
not mouse
so I am emptying stove drawer
all pans
sitting on counter
emptying cutlery drawer
washing all drawers with Lysol

Do not like this
pain continues
but I will not have a dirty house
yes, some help
but not as thorough as this one

one drawer at a time in kitchen and my bedroom
all furniture needs to be washed with Murphy's Oil Soap
will take me weeks to accomplish what I want to do.

But when my son arrives
all will be sparkling....


Sky said...

mice may be after pet food or birdseed if you store those in house. these are best stored in heavy plastic containers with snap on/off lids so contents are protected. we store everything in these containers in our garage and shed. good luck.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sky, like you, in my garage in plastic containers are bird seed and Callie's food.
3 years ago this happened and elec/plumber came and pulled out stove and fridge,
no problem there and under sink pipes secured.
So a puzzle to me at the moment..

Marcie said...

I love the Socrates quote. That is one to print out and think of often.

Good luck with the mice. Ugh! It's always something, isn't it?

Judy said...

What I have found, my house cleaning doesn't need to be all done in a day or two! It might take me almost a week, just to get one room all done. It doesn't matter. I know that by the time the spring breezes come, all will be clean, shiny and smelling good!! I have put boxes of D-Con UNDER my house, on the cement slab. If they get in and get hungry, there's their meal. Then they crawl away to find water. I haven't had a mouse in this place yet, but I sure did when I lived on the farm.

Linda P. said...

We had mice our first winter in our newly built house almost a decade ago. For me there was such a mixture of shame and a tinge of horror, too. It wasn't that I was afraid of the mice: I was horrified at the thought that they might have to be killed. I called someone out and requested humane traps, at which point the exterminator laughed. He agreed to supply them, but hubby, who had been out of town on a business trip, came home and nixed that. And that is how this peaceful person became complicit in murder.

Sky said...

had no idea mice could climb trees but according to a pest control person they can. then lo and behold I saw one climbing the tree where a birdfeeder was several months later! the pest control person told us to cut all limbs that overhang the roof to keep squirrels and mice out of attic since they both climb. he said they try to get in via the small attic vent holes. hubby checked them all to be sure the wire screens across the holes were all intact. so far no problems, but you never know when they could come to visit! (there is a vent hole for dryer, too.)

Sky said...

judy, d-con kills the cats and eagles and hawks, etc., who attempt to catch the mice for their normal and natural food supply. very bad idea to use that sort of thing if you care about the natural environment. :(