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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Busy Morning

AT 6;00 AM - chopping celery, onions, carrots to go in crock pot.
My Beth's recipe along with organic chicken broth and 3 chicken thighs
and she shared her butcher said with the bone in is the healthiest.
So crock pot is simmering

 and I am trying to eat some oats with chopped apple and yogurt with banana
 as I wait for Lisa
to take me for 8:00 doctor appointment.

Surprise, her husband is driving as some roads still not too good.
She shares he does not mind and what a good husband he is.   I tell her
remember after doctor apps wanted to go to Cindy my hair girl as it has
been many weeks and I have chopped off a cup full of hair trying to still look
presentable :)    She replies that is fine as we will drop you off (or rather she helps me into
shop)  and have errands
in town.

She helps me in their big vehicle and onward we go to the doctor, Talked for 30
minutes and then blood work.    Found out nothing new, hopefully blood work results
return normal and I am to continue all I am doing -
try to eat more, keep moving, rest, do not fall and please take something for night time pain.

They ask about my children, I have described them well and their lifestyles.  Share
did see Beth last Sunday and week before Jamie and Beth came for weekend
and to take me to grocery and my son will be arriving in now weeks to be with me for
a while :)  Continual calls and emails from my special children and grandchildren - do not like that I have seemed to become needy
as this time and always so independent - bit ,miss them and guess that is normal.
Guess this is what a health issue does to you..

Helped to car, oh I hate this, comfortable in my surroundings, but not so comfortable
in other surrounding and balance is horrible./   So on to hair place and now look more like myself,what
ever that is - as it seems this one struggling with pain, balance, eating and low energy is not me.
everywhere I go and I need them :)

Home, add cooked egg noodles to soup and eat 2 small bowls.   Lay down on sofa and fall
asleep for almost 2 hours (this is unusual) but weary and a tiring morning.
It is bitter cold outside and more snow predicted.

I do not like this, open bottom drawer of stove and I have a mouse.
Has been several years since once visited this cottage, I know what to do
but hate taking everything out, washing them and hopefully I can solve all of this.

More soup, cheese and crackers,  Ensure later tonight and hopefully I fall asleep and
will take something tonight to help me...

I have constant thoughts of not writing anymore
but love to write and does not matter if anyone reads my sharing
and then it may help someone.

Ever thankful
that it took almost 80 years for all of this to surface.

Guess I thought this would miss me...


MsGraysea said...

Dear Ernestine,
Hello and wishes for better health with relief from pain. It is cold and very snowy on Cape Cod, too. We were having a very mild winter, THEN....all seeming to visit us at once.
The pain surely must diminish your desire to eat, so when relief comes, I hope you have the energy to bake up some of your delicious recipes you have shred here through the years.

What a great idea to get some nice comfy and proper sized pj's, and also to use the hot water bottles. So happy to hear you are having help and a coming visit with your son. May those visits soothe your spirit.

So happy to hear from you always.


Judy said...

Don't you dare stop writing!!!
YOU inspire me!!!
So glad your son is coming for a visit. I know that will make you feel better.
I too wear flannel pj bottoms and an oversized thermal underwear top to bed.
Never would have considered this in years past. Always a lovely, lace trimmed tricot gown--always. I have given all those pretties away.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Cape Cod Kitty, my hot water bottles are blue and green :)
Craving a pie and will make soon...

Sharon said...

I know you are feeling better when you write so I'm always glad to see you post. Your soup sounds delicious. I think it's a good sign that you could relax and take a nap, your body is letting you know you need to rest. It's hard to see progress when you are the person in the situation; from the outside looking in it seems like you are doing better every day. Hugs to you~

PatK said...

You are cooking again, a reassuring sign to me. As always it looks delicious.

Feel better every day and remember people who love you are happy to help.

Lonely Rivers said...

YJust wanted to let you know that all is well here. Health challenges are not stopping me from enjoying every minute I can with my baby granddaughter! I haven't written in a long time, but I do log in to check on you. You inspire me with your determination and courage and the elegantly simple way of life you have chosen. You know the old question - " Who would be at your dinner party if you could invite anyone in the world?" Well, dear Ernestine, I would choose YOU! You have gently and beautifully guided me from afar as I have stepped into my "older" years with all the joys, blessings and challenges. You have no idea what a profound influence you have been over the past many years. I am so grateful to know you.

Pienosole said...

You inspire me as well! Thank you for writing. It feels good to get our hair done, so am glad you were able to do so. I'm also touched to read about others' generosity. I continue to send love and hugs. :-)

Sky said...

sugar increases inflammation, so eliminating that will be helpful.

glad you got out and are moving your body. moving about can be tiring but keeping the legs and core muscles strong is a plus. good for you!

since the lack of rest will only make the inflammation worse, taking something to help with pain is certainly the wise thing to do!

I want some chicken soup! sounds like the perfect nourishment for a cold, damp day! sending you love.

Val said...

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Lonely Rivers, oh my a grandcchild
and I remember all your special
emails to me.
Please take care
and post a update soon...

Marcie said...

I love to connect with you through your writing, and would miss you very much if you were to stop. I hope that you continue to share your thoughts.

Anvilcloud said...

"Almost 80 years" is pretty good, and you're still keeping on even thought the keeping on is harder.

Wisewebwoman said...

The biggest of {{{{{HUGS}}}}} go your way today. Your soup looks scrumptious. Keep writing, don't worry about negativity, let it all out, we live alone and it is healthier. You don't have to be upbeat. We learn from your challenges my dear.

And I love you have "The Helpers" as Mr. Rogers would say.


Tabor said...

Be brave even if this is a new you. Te fact that you want your hair to look nice is a good omen. You are still the female who has a sense of presence. Hoping the pain diminishes more and more and be sure to take as they prescribe. Spring is almost here, don't worry. I am glad that you have a support system out there. This is very important.

Mitzi said...

Doesn't a new haircut feel great!
I hope you never quit writing, you are such an inspiration to me and so many others.
Hope each day is a little better and spring comes soon for you.

Anne Brew said...

I'd like to add my hope that you continue as long as you possibly can to put your thoughts down so we can share them. I always look for your posts and love to read them; no matter what you say you have a unique way of expressing yourself which is very easy to read. Keep warm and take care of