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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I cannot make it in this life without prayer and meditating.

Praying for family, those that come to mind and myself.

Meditating to calm and still myself has opened up a deeper understanding of myself.

What a gift to know someone that is praying for you continually.

It was a  comfort to know that I was continually in my mother's prayers.  There were times in her last
years that she would tell me that she was on her little frail  knee's for me.  Times she would come to me in the old farm house, curl up on the little love seat in my bedroom and spend the night with me.   Oh yes, I knew I was loved and being
prayed for.   I surely needed it as there were many years of emotional struggle.  A young life with young parents and  going through
a divorce, finishing raising my children alone and all the challenges of One Woman alone who still
has times of thoughts that enter her mind.  She is better now at letting the thoughts just flow in and out.
Better at being kind to herself.

You never really know how special those prayers are until you lose your mother.

My grandmother's prayed for me and when I moved to this country area and attended a small
country church there were many older ladies that showered me with their love and prayers. I can
call their names one by one.   Miss Robbye, Miss Susie and Alma, Miss Cora,  and on and on.

All of these are gone now and the memories are all so special.   A different time of life in this area
as I returned and I am a new person to those busy with their lives surrounding me.

I do know that the Lord has always brought someone special along in my life that I knew was praying for me continually.

Now my long prayer time in the evening before falling asleep and in the morning before my feet hit the floor.

My children, grandchildren are first, others come to mind  and as I pray the words from the bible that strengthened me, encouraged me and sustained me through the years, tumble from my lips.

As I have grown spiritually there are now special words from other worlds.   Besides continually reciting
the Lords Prayer, 23 Psalms, and so many words from the Psalms I now use metta. 

Reading continually and seeking wisdom, I do not think in a limited way like in years past.  I hunger for more of much that is new to me and strengthens me.   I do not think there is anyone in my community that could relate to where I am spiritually.  With my writing and sharing I have discovered other individuals like me.
We are oceans and miles apart  and in other ways very close.

I do not know about those who might read this entry
but I can live no other way.


Laura said...

I connect to your words so deeply E. As I was reading many people who have prayed for me and have passed from this world and those who are living and supporting my through prayer came to mind as well. Like you I have a list of individuals who I pray for each evening before going to sleep and often in the morning when I wake up...and then of course prayers for healing and peace for all beings. Wild geese just flew over the woods beyond my window...sounding their own prayer on their journey.

MsGraysea said...

This post is so meaningful, Ernestine, and like Laura above, it flooded my mind with the memory of those that pray for me and those for whom I pray....Count yourself in and thank you for this window into your life. It helps beyond words.
Hope you are feeling better and stronger today.

Judy said...

Sometimes, my prayer list is so long that I fall asleep before my prayers are done. Used to always kneel beside my bed, but can't get down or up easily anymore. I seem to pray a lot during the day, either words or just thoughts and first thing in the morning, before I get out of bed. Sometimes...I wish God were more "vocal"--wish I could hear His voice telling me that all will be well. AND...I guess if I believe that last statement and I know, all will be well, I don't really need to "hear" the voice do I?

Balisha said...

I find myself praying throughout the day. Just little prayers that just naturally come from my lips.This entry is so beautifully written....and from your heart. Something here for each of us to absorb.
Glad you're feeling better..

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Laura, Marcia and Judy - thank you
Balisha, I did not want to go on and on about praying. But I do the same on and off throughout the day :)

kerrdelune said...

A life without both prayer and meditation does not bear thinking about - the two go hand in hand, and I can't imagine life without them both - prayers on awakening and at bedtime too, but I am always tucking a wee prayer in here and there as I go about chores during the day.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Prayer sustains us. I am thankful that I can speak to God anytime I feel like it, whether it is prayer for others, or thoughts and desires from my heart for DH and myself. God knows all that we think. In the middle of the night I wake up and sometimes can't get back to sleep. I talk with Him, and other times just lay there thinking in my mind as I breathe in, 'Thank you' and as I breathe out 'Jesus' several times. There is something calming and reassuring in that and before I know it I am waking up later.

Thank you for sharing this here, it is very uplifting.

Hope you are feeling much better.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Beverly said...

You have probably sensed that all of us out here have been praying for you of late. I hope you have felt it. I say my prayers every night and I too have fallen asleep many times before I finished. As I leave home, I always say a prayer.....

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Cate and flowerlady, thank you.
My special Beverly, know in your heart you are special to me - I wonder sometimes where did you come from? My sharing and you happened along. I feel your prayers and you have mine :)