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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Sarah - Exposure Is What You Need

I am proud of my two granddaughter's who live in New York.
One has an excellent career and I believe has found her path at this time of her life.
One is still searching for her niche.

Sarah studied music just about all of her life.   Music school in New York.  Her passion for years to
play in a symphony,  and now she has turned on a dime towards other interests.

She loves to cook.  Not food like grandma eats.  I eat healthy but my Sarah is vegan and does not  just cook but creates.   She uses special foods and spices that her grandma
has never heard of.
I marvel at her creations.
  The pictures she shares look
like they need to be in the finest gourmet magazine or shared in the finest vegetarian restaurants in
New York.

How do you go forward with interest like this?   At present she has dropped out of music school]
and is working in a bakery.   Now not what she would eat - but - a lot of experience in the big
cooking world.   I am proud of her - but I want doors to open for her.

So, how do you do this?
I listen, encourage and send out positive thoughts for her.

She is interested, like her Uncle Jimmy in the practice of yoga and everything healthy and good for
the mind and soul.

Now look at this latest creation.

Does grandma need to go to New York  now that she is at an age of boldness - take samples to
these fine eating places and contact Oprah, and everyone she can think of interested in the best
of vegan creations?

So now another grandchild needs to find her place in this great big world.

Grandma feels in heart the right door will open.   When it does I want her to tell everyone
"my grandmother told me this would happen when it was suppose to"


Jenny Woolf said...

What a beautiful looking dish. I don't even care what it tastes like, I could just look at it! a talented girl....

I think there is money to be made by making vegan food really great to eat. It can be, I have had it. Too often it is dull. Doesn't sound like your Sarah will fall into that trap

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Jenny, where did you come from :)
Oh yes - Sarah's dishes are as tasty as they are beautiful.
When she comes home I can sample some of them.
She would make a great personal chef - for one who can afford one :)
Visit me again - but then my lifestyle is not very exciting and probably could be your grandmother.

the wild magnolia said...

amazing color and the food looks inviting. beautiful. granddaughter is making her way. she is courageous. this is good. she has talent, this is good too, we should work at what we love.

the other granddaughter will find her way to and she will remember her grandma encouraged her.

thank you for sharing.

mermaid said...

With food, presentation is everything. It somehow engages the sense of sight in addition to smell and taste.

That granddaughter of yours is an artist, music or cooking.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Kaveri and Sandy, thank you for visiting...

Judy said...

I don't eat Vegan, but I just might try that--it looks delicious!!! Yes--encourage. That's what grandma's are for--we are our grandchildren's advocates!!!!!