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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Continues With Questions

Just received call from doctor's office.
Good news
CT scan showed nothing that I feared
site where  gall bladder surgery was done two years ago.
So - at present will watch
and sometime in future go to see surgeon who did that surgery.
Extreme fatigue - medical reason - high levels of inflammation.
Sjogren's is affecting this body in numerous ways.
Common sense reason
any woman who builds 3 homes and moves that many times  in the last 8 years
and goes nonstop in her 70's
may not have good sense
and needs to slow down.
Also being of a sensitive nature - it seems with age a lot bothers me more deeply then in the past.
I really have never felt my age before this episode.
So I am probably very fortunate.
Enough shared
Ever thankful for results that just arrived.
Still have unanswered questions and no one
has time to listen
Weary of appointment and driving to the big city
for a 15 minute consultation.
I appear healthy and moving quickly
but I am very tired.
Do not like the thought of future repair on my body.
Ashamed to even say this when it is minor compared
to what could be.  So forgive me for this statement

At the moment I have the thought I may never go to a doctor again
will go to the woods and sit under a tree.
On second thought have to go to dentist next week for a crown procedure...

Thanks to so many who have continually had me in their thoughts and have contacted me.
You will never know how special you are to this One Woman.


Beverly said...

Glad the overall report was good. Be kind to yourself.
I understand the wishing you did not have to go to another doctor, but, we want to go on for many more years.....and sometimes they help....

the wild magnolia said...
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the wild magnolia said...

You owe none an apology. You are best at being yourself. It is refreshing.

Good news, I am thrilled for you!

Life itself affects me more than it used too, I still get a kick out of living. You do too!

Doctor's, we go when we must.

Take care of you. ((hugs))

lilalia said...

Do take dear care. Glad to hear you are relieved, though it doesn't sound comfortable what you have.

Sharon said...

Sending healing thoughts your way this day. May you feel peaceful and at ease ~

Nan said...

Going to the woods and sitting under a tree is a fine idea.

Judy said...

Glad for the good reports, but know how it feels to have good reports, but still feel lousy. What is the reason? I hate to attribute it to age, but it seems that is the only answer left. Onward and upward!!

Unknown said...

Even though your post was about not feeling like your old self - you still gave me a chuckle when you said, " I'd like to sit under a tree and never see a doctor again."

I understand where you are coming from.

Laura said...

so glad it isn't serious...but caring for yourself is...and that means resting more...think of rest as a gift well deserved for all the good you have done and continue to do in your life. Rest is a gift, the present of being present, quiet, still.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Beverly, Sandy, lilalia, Sharon,
Nan, Judy, Millie, Laura - than you for visiting :)

mermaid said...

Ernestine, I am so sorry you felt rushed and unseen/unheard.

Your fatigue sounds more than your usual amount, and I don't sense that you move too fast. To me it sounds like you just enjoy many things.

May the kind tears of frustration water all the unseen seeds of healing that have yet to sprout.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Dear Kaveri, you touch my heart deeply with your kind words.
Wish you lived near :)

MsGraysea said...

I am so happy to hear the report. I share your feelings about wishing to never go to a doctor again!
Funny, how we are like a chorus here with the same feeling of tiredness at even minor challenges.
I'm exhausted right now, too. So much emotional stuff. Keep saying, this too shall pass.
Be in this day and rest!

Tracey said...

I've been reading you for a long time. Enjoy your thoughts and writings. And I shall leave my first comment. "What Nan said". It is excellent advice!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tracey, thank you for visiting and your comment. Visit again - my email friends have become so special to me...

Anonymous said...

Ernestine, I am so very glad to hear that the test results apparently reveal nothing to be alarmed about. I am always touched by your honesty and I deeply relate to your statements about discovering more and more sensitivity about yourself. I also relate to the notion that you might not venture into a doctor's office again. How I do struggle with that. I do have an accupuncturist I see from time to time. Her Eastern form of medicine is much more compatible with my way of thinking than is my conventional doc's way of thinking. Her kindness always touches me. I hope for you a period of calm and rest and a time when your body can become less inflamed. I wonder frequently about the metaphorical/metaphysical implications of inflammation in the body--given all of my body symptoms. I am thinking about you. And, just now I have read your comment on Elderwomen Musings. Oh, my, dear sister! We are both in the turtle clan, right? Take care. Know that someone in Florida is smiling at you.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Dear Ellen, wish you lived near :)
I would seek the type of help you do but none near and I do not want to go to the big city :) Turtles,
yes, we have our root connection.
Slow and easy with the progress of your special home being created.

shannon said...

I too, and sick of visiting Dr.'s and I have a wonderful female Dr., but, it just seems to keep going on and on with trying to find out why I have some of these weird symptoms, taste off, tongue feels wierd, itching, why, and the the minor list goes on!.
I went to see a totally Holistic Dr. today, and feel he could help, but,I cannot afford it, because he does Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutritional supplements, will not pay for it.
So frustrating.

At any rate, I sure understand your feelings, you have a lot of company!! :)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Shannon, I understand, so many natural paths I would like to follow but they are not available near or low in cost...