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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walk Slow - Breathe - Smile

She thought she would drive down the gravel drive to get her mail out of box. The long drive has snow drifts almost two feet. So what do you think - she does not have 4 wheel drive. Just a small pickup. Well after pulling through deep snow for 10 feet - she was stuck!!!

So lucky to catch a neighbor on his cell phone and he came to help her.

With more driving knowledge then she possesses - he was able to get it closer to house. Now it is probably stuck there.

She looked out the door and there are -3- three wheelers going through her woods and then down her drive. This happens from time to time along with the horse riders and the deer hunters. It really upset this One Woman. This property is so special and they are trespassing. In the past calls have been made and it still happens. There is a section at the back of property that is not fenced. But she knows in her heart if she fences it - whoever this is will just go through the creek bed.

She loves the woods and is so thankful that she has been allowed to return "home".

The disadvantage is others love to come in on the back property line and enjoy them also. But do they realize they are trespassing.

So what does she do - keep making phone calls - signs have been torn down - put up fence. Or just forget it.

She wants others to treat her like she would treat them. She has lived long enough to realize that many in the world do not think like her. She would never go on another property in this way. It gives her a heart ache for this injustice. Then she is almost ashamed of herself - in view of all that is going on in the world.

If she captures an image - she could go to local sheriff. Oh she is probably already the mean lady who has come back to her woods and does not want trespassers.

She hopes she can drive out to pick up her paper and mail in the morning. Snow to deep for her to walk the drive.

Callie sure loves the snow!!!

THIS MORNING - I cannot get out of my drive. I am fine and I think snow will start melting tomorrow.


Beverly said...

I feel just like you do....I would not want anyone to destroy the woods, or possibly harm you. I would post signs, and hopefully they will be respectful of your home. We are still iced in, but, most of city streets are drivable. Tomorrow will be in 40's.

Cloudhands said...

What a dilima. Our woods are too dense for snowmobiles if there were any around to go exploring. But I know they would not be welcome here. They are loud and they leave unwanted trails. I hope you find an answer.
We have had children playing out back across the creek and with them we just ask that they let us know they are there, since we gave them permission they hardly ever come around and when they do they leave everything much neater. They knock on the front door and leave their bike out front. We get a big kick when they bring their friends or relatives by for a look see. They are so polite. We have let their parents know how well they behave.
But, that doesn't help you. Perhaps the sheriff's office could give you some advice.

kenju said...

Stay put. It is better to be safe and warm than to take a chance on getting stuck and freezing to death.

It's too bad about the trespassers; some people don't care how many signs or fences you have.

Tabor said...

You are new to them and they have been in the woods forever. Keep you signs and complaints because they will eventually outgrow their SUVs and perhaps the next generation will not use you land. There are always wood with nails...just carelessly left around! A friend of mine did that when a kid kept going through her garden on his bike. Glad you are enjoying the snow...we barely made it back home today because of the drifts in the driveway.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Beverly, Barbra, Judy - thanks for writing. Tabor, you are right.
I moved from this area 12 years ago and had a problem then - the teenager now a young man and is no problem. There are some new homes not far from my back line - so I think I know where my trespassers are coming from. I might do the nails - just do not want to run over them. This will pass in time.