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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garden Catalogs, Vacuuming Callie and Fever is Gone

What better way to spend rainy days and days you are trying to rid yourself of some germ you have come in contact with - then to look at garden catalogs that are arriving daily and going through some of your old favorite books

She has been battling a cough since the first of the year. Thought it would finally go away and it did not. Wednesday evening she started running a fever and the cough and congestion was not comfortable. She waited until the last minute on Friday to call doctor. She does not like to take medication and thinks all of her "good living" will protect her from getting sick. Seems she is wrong.

Antibiotic for 5 days. Finally this afternoon she feels like she is rejoining the universe and is not on the way out. If no better tomorrow, a chest ex ray is suggested.

Now Miss Callie has turned into the almost perfect dog. Hey, she quit chewing everything in sight. One Woman has shared in the past that all of her dogs have been outside dogs. Shelter given them when the weather was bad. Acquiring Callie in the Fall and bonding with her - she has been kept inside during bad weather and at night - in the utility room.

Please no comment on One Woman not liking dog hair in the house. Her daughter tells her that their dogs usually shed twice a year. Baily and Jack have it made and guess if they wanted to sit at the table with them - she would let them. They just live with the hair. I brush Callie and when she goes from the utility room to the screen porch - she is leaving a path of hair. Or it seems like it to me. These old dark colored rugs and my wood floors contribute to it being seen so easily.

I had an idea. Wonder if she would let me run the vacuum over her?? Well, I sat on my little stool, petting Callie and turned on the vacuum. No attachments - just the pipe. She looked at me with those brown eyes and just stood there. Now that is my kind of dog.

So maybe a solution has been found for the dog hair. Now if her little nails would not scratch the hardwood floors we would have it made. Maybe I could make slippers for her. LOL
Of course they cut their nails - but - I do not have manicures - so I may have to have this done soon!!


Sky said...

callie is certainly flexible! so many dogs i know despise a vacuum cleaner, so you are indeed very lucky! my sheltie shed. i brushed her outside daily and kept a t-shirt (toddler size) on her in the house in winter and fall, running a long shoelace inside the hem and tying it loosely around her hips so the shirt didn't hang toward the floor. that helped with the dog hair as did my almost daily vacuuming in the areas where she was. i understand the issues! but, my terrier was a "no shed" doggie, much to my delight! since i wear black pants a lot it was nice that my white pup left no puppy souvenirs. from now on it is no-shed dogs we will have!

so glad you are feeling better. that darn bug had each of us down for 3+ weeks.

Anonymous said...
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One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Dear Sky, you make me smile this early morning - about putting a t-shirt on your dog. Glad you understand. With the issue of me not feeling well at the moment - Callie's shedding is not important.
Everyone tells me I am too fussy.
Trying not to be - that is why I moved to the woods!!!!!!

Deborah Carr said...

It's nice to be visiting again after a long hiatus and to see you are all settled in your new home, looking forward to summer gardening AND hosting a new member of the household. I, too, have a Callie-dog and she is one of the greatest joys of my hair and all...although she won't let me vacuum her...

I hope you're feeling better soon...

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Deborah, thank you for checking in.
I have missed you. Can't wait to hear more about your book. My little Callie a rescued dog. Was chained to a tree and owners just left. They were going to put to sleep if she was not adopted. She is a little gem!!!