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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow - We Will See

The sixth pickup load of wood just pulled out of the drive. I am helping them and they are helping me clear around my cottage in the woods.

The vegetable soup is simmering, big bowl of oyster crackers on table and I am making zucchini bread tonight or early in the morning.
The bird feeders are full and a new suet cake is in place on the tree.

Guess I am ready for this predicted snow. I forgot what it looked like!! For some reason I am kind of excited. My first snowed in experience at Woodhaven.

Maybe I can capture a few pictures.

Wish my little girls were closer - it would sure help their mom and would make me smile.

Something that I love and is missing from this smaller home - a wood burning fireplace or stove.

Did not think in my passage through the 70's that I needed to be hauling in wood.


kenju said...

No, I think that was wise, although for resale purposes, it might have been nice to have one - even if you didn't use it.

We may get snow tomorrow, too, but not much.

mermaid said...

I hope you get to see snow, but that you are also safe and not snowed in a nd trapped (unless you want to be).

Tabor said...

We burn a lot of wood but as we age it will be interesting to see if we can keep that pace. I cannot split the wood, so that will depend on hubby's strength. Right now we have a ton of split wood.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernesting, Wood heat is the warmest heat there is in my book. I used to have a woodstove, too, and loved it but, like you say, it is too much now. Glad you are getting your place cleared though and I bet they love getting your wood. It is snowing here this morning. We are supposed to get 4 inches today. Then, zero, over the weekend. I am so ready for the cold weather to be over. It has been in the single digits or teens here for over a week. I guess it could be worse though. So, I will stop my complaining!

MsGraysea said...

Sounds so wonderful and cozy! I do love the peace of snow in the woods, or anywhere, for that matter. Enjoy the peace, you have earned it, and brought it to yourself!

Cloudhands said...

Well here we sit, soup is made, supplies are in and we wait for the 'big one' but so far no snow. I'm a little disapointed. I'm sure when the snow finally comes you and Callie will enjoy the snug comfort of your country house to the max.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, Mermaid, Tabor, Judy, Marcia and Cloudhands - thanks for checking in. NO SNOW as of yet or rather a few flurries. Each of you will never know what your online friendship means to me.
It is becoming my social contact.
Everyone I have been close to has either died or far away. I am shaking my head........
Tabor, it was 12 years ago I sold the old farm home and my wood burning days ended. But I can still feel the warmth of those fires. You have a lot of years left to enjoy them.