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Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday and CBD Oil

Not a good night, a lot of errands and my special driver available.
Stop at Post Office, Grocery, Bank, gas in the car
I sat in the car and directed him

Nothing sounded good for lunch, need to eat and need to gain weight
so onward to a special Mexican Restaurant, I was told about.
Eat half, the other half tonight.

Fish Taco, best Tortilla's they make, filled with fish, side of Pico De Gallo and sliced Avocado,
also side of rice and beans, so good.'

This friendly waitress, wish I could bring her home with me.

New CBD Oil delivered
stronger because it cost more and will last me longer less inexpensive
Having difficulty figuring out the dosage I need.

Taking the drops from the bottle my daughter gave me, fewer milligrams I took more,
what I ordered, more milligrams, the reason that it will last me longer and cost less.

First daily drops, not enough to help all that is affecting my body, next day that dose more
oh my - no pain, could have danced, so too much, it truly unsettled me and my helper laughed
at my overdosage results (glad came off within an hour).

Just now took a lower dose-finding this difficult because you take this CBD OIL by the dropper and so careful as you drop
it in a teaspoon.  I am taking after my lunch as b/p medication and Tylenol with breakfast
and evening snacks.

Have called company representative twice, embarrassed as I try to figure it out, I know I will.

So bottom line, it is good, very good.

A question, do I take with Tylenol I take, told I could, continue to take blood pressure medication
has nothing to do with the pain or anxiety.

Will continue and report, do know I will take but trying to figure out how many drops a day

If you buy this at places I see everywhere selling you are probably not purchasing the pure oil.

I would say, this is the best, you can read about it online
 "Half Hill Farm"

I hope I make sense as I try to figure out for this one.


Bobbie said...

After seeing your post on Half Hill Farms, I bought a bottle. I got the 1000 mg. You are right, there really are no directions. It just says (5 drops). It doesn't say how many times a day or if it is just one dose per day. I started using it this week. I have Sjogren's and Erosive Inflammatory Arthritis along with Osteoarthritis. I had tried another brand and had no success, even after building slowly to 800 mg two times a day. I tried for 5 months. I do feel something with this Half Hill Farms though. I haven't formed a complete opinion yet.

Keep us informed of your progress. I read your blog every day. I also pray for your health every day.

Have a good evening :) Bobbie DeWitt

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Bobbie, I also have Sjogren's and severe arthritis, my daughter a writer, writing for a doctor gave me a bottle of 500 and took a number of drops when buying myself bought more mg
to take less and last longer, it is not cheap.
At the moment 6 drops which is 5 times stronger than the 500 bottles is not enough, tomorrow
going up t 8 drops. Having a time figuring my dose, once a day after lunch now but do know
it relieves pain. You can write to me at my contact email address is you wish too

Pienosole said...

Brava!✨. Your feeling good makes me want to dance. Please don’t be embarrassed. You are being pro-active in getting rid of pain and improving your life and welol being. Look forward to reading more when you care to post. Happy Saturday!☀️🍁❤️

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Pienoaole = you are loved and appreciated :)
and your kindness is needed.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I would like to know which mg potency are you taking? It's good to hear that you had no pain, that's exactly what it is for. Keep us posted as to how many drops you are taking also. God bless you dear Ernestine ~ FlowerLady

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Lorraine, trying to figure it out
so far have not
but hopefully will