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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Wrote a post on returning from a second Hydraulic Acid shot in the knee.
Yes wrote it and then somehow deleted my sharing.

All is well, more fluid drained and told I have osteoarthritis and draining knee of fluid will be something happening more then I expected.

This shot has not given me the pain I experienced with the first shot.   Next week 3rd and last shot
and hopefully helps me for 6 months.

Hoping for the best and seems Hydraulic Fluid is made from Rooster Cones :)

I no longer do FaceBook and like the simplicity of Instagram
posted an image today of  me holding  my first grandchild who has given me my first greatgrandchild

Brene Brown
tells me

"Talk to yourself
the way you would
talk to someone you loved"


Unknown said...


Tabor said...

I remember seeing that photo before and you are reflected in it as a strong grandma. Glad the second shot was less and I had a feeling it would be. Hoping your holidays are pain free.

Judy said...

I'm getting real tired of living with this constant back pain.
If effects everything--my mood, my ability to walk the grocery store, my mood--oh, I already mentioned that.
I have no shining Christmas decorations up--nothing to drive away the dark of winter....this year, it sort of matches my mood. Bah!

Wisewebwoman said...

Wishing you joy, peace and contentment dearest Ernestine.


Mel Reardon said...

Yes! Brene Brown has wisdom. We aren't always as loving to ourselves as we should be, are we?