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Saturday, December 8, 2018


In my next life maybe
you will find me here

In this weekend's New York Times an article
with the Title
An ancient corner of Italy finds itself at the world's doorstep.

It is Saturday morning and will just continue sharing.

Tabor, thank you always for your kind comments. on my recent entry.

Another night of severe pain and wonder without the lowest dose of Hydrocodone what would it be
like.   So I continue onward with thankfulness for much and do not like a lot at this time of life.
One who takes me on errands says "I do not want to grow old and I reply "good luck."
My son tells me often "mama nothing remains the same and life is always changing."

My helper girl last night came in with a small bag, contained tea and honey and said to replace some
she uses of mine and I replied: "no way do you do this."   We sat at the big table sharing, she is complimentary of much I have done in this now long life and I compliment her.  She is very intelligent and her help so appreciated.   Her husband and son she lost, it was tragic, I listen to her
share and it seems our sharing makes my pain level less.

Cold, but as I look out the window, the sun may break through the clouds.   When it is very cold and the sun shines it just seems much warmer.

The thought arises should I make myself go to another special one to have hair washed.  Probably not a good idea. when I get up from this desk and walking difficult, I think where is my mind and plan on going on Tuesday for hair before doctor appointment.

I do not like having someone else wash my hair, but no longer can do it.  The special hairdresser
did Jamie's hair for her wedding.   Cindy not in on Monday, so Tuesday morning before doctor
appointment will be good for me.   I will get a ride to shop and Jamie can pick me up then
instead of at home, at the moment sounds like a good plan.

Need to unload washer, straighten kitchen and get off of my friend "the computer."

Thanks for listening....


Carolyn Marie said...

Dear Ernestine, i look forward to your posts and enjoy reading your thought so very much. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Rebecca said...

I wish I could sit across the table from you and hear more of your life...I could help with your hair,too! Your son is wise. One day his words will sustain him as they do you. Your mindfulness instructs me. I treasure your honest reflections. ❤️

Pienosole said...

Thank you for writing. You are an inspiration. Sending love and hugs. :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

As I watch the swirling snow thrown by the window up into a marvelous blue sky I ponder my memories. I would love to hear all your story across the table over tea and honey.