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Sunday, December 23, 2018


My youngest granddaughter
musically talented.

Plays many instruments

I remember her playing her play guitar as a youngster
and took her to the local  guitar store and bought her a real one
she was so proud and repeatedly said to me
"grandma this is a real one, did it cost a lot of money?)

A memory surfaced as I heard she is now playing the Saxophone.

So proud of you Amelia

Love, grandma


Suemn said...

What a great picture of the two of you! Amelia is so lucky to have a grandma like you... buying her a real guitar. I hope she still remembers that special day.

Rebecca said...

The gift of music in any form is priceless! 🎶

Joared said...

Wonderful memory of bringing music to your grandchild. Hope all is well as can be with pain relief you've sought as I just read about since I've been remiss visiting other bloggers for awhile. Sorry you had that power outage, but glad there are those who cared to check on you. I don't have the lines out due to weather here in Southern California, but has occurred on occasion. Causes me to wonder if I should get a generator as so inconvenient to be without power under any circumstances.