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Thursday, December 13, 2018

A New Way and the Knee Shots

There was a time that I rearranged my furniture often.

Not anymore
with me directing will try.

I like it like this, only one chair too many.  I bought a new recliner when I went to the awful place, really like it, goes up and down easy. The older recliner is probably 30 years old and my son when
he visits likes to sit in it.  It was too big for me.

Too many chairs, but - one I rocked my babies in, another favorite picture is me holding Jimmy in
this chair when he was a toddler.  A pair of wing chairs are 60 years old and better constructed
than most today.   So 98% memory pieces and must mention books that are piled in every room
and I must go through them, love them all.
Helper took me to have hair washed, on the way I told him "take me home, not going through with this, so weary of these procedures, now thankful he replied "little one I am not taking you home
we are going through with this, now I thank him.  Jamie met us at hair wash place and with me from then on   My first Hydraulic Acid shot was the most painful shot I remember.  A lot of fluid drained off of knee before the shot.   That night I was awake most of the night and continued on until 1:00 the next day with
pain.   Part of the reason I did not want to take medication and finally for a day and a half am taking
and much better.   Next shot is due on Tuesday and one 10 days later

Hoping for relief for a number of months when the procedure is done,
Ashamed of sharing how I behave but do not like all that is happening and nothing I can do about it but "accept and helpful son says "breathe."  I want to wash my own hair but cannot at this time......

So, I am now ancient and do not behave well :)

My nurse doctor said part of the solution from Rooster Cones :) must read about that.


Suemn said...

Hi Ernestine, the shots are painful but hopefully you will get relief once they have all been given. You have a right to be tired of all the procedures and pain so don't feel ashamed in how you feel or say for that. Your friends and family understand. You are an inspiration to others in how you live your life. Sending wishes to you that you get good night's rest and that tomorrow is better for you!

Pienosole said...

Accept and breathe, very wise words during such times. Glad you are feeling better. May your relief continue and grow. Sending love and a big hug.

Rebecca said...

Oh, how warm and inviting your room! I am so sad to read of your pain It makes one quite contrary, doesn't it?!? My dear father who lives with us is contrary sometimes...and if truth be told, so am I!

Wisewebwoman said...

This old thing is getting on all our nerves at times, isn't it. And then I look out my window or at your lovely room and think, all is not so bad.

I have two friends terminal as I write and I love them and worry about them and think: when will it be my turn and realize it has not come yet.

And neither has yours my dear friend.


Carolyn Marie said...

No judgement here. You are a courageous woman living with so much pain and discomfort. I am honored that you share your journey with me and so many others who may face the same journey in the future. I hope those shots give you some relief. Peace

Tabor said...

Hoping each shot is less painful. Maybe you can bring some music on your Kindle, phone or electronic device and listen before the shot. Sometimes favorite music makes it easier. You sound like a spirited one and love the way your helper handled it. I have learned from this tale you tell...from both sides. Your house looks so warm and cozy ad loving and I do remember how talented you are with interior design. This last part of our life is hard in the sudden changes, but we are ALL TOGETHER on this journey

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

To each of you
your words are like a soothing balm
I think about stopping the continual sharing but love to write :) could write and just delete")