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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Warm Days Continue and The Best of Wishes to a new young couple....

My Wednesday morning visitor, Lana and always so welcome, last week brought me a slice of
Peach Pie, so good and soon will make and share recipe.

Now this young woman goes back a long way in my life.  After relocating 40 years ago from the big
city to this small rural community, at one time I taught a women's Sunday school class and she
was part of it.   Married and 4 wonderful children, she shared some pictures of her son's
recent marriage.   I like the way it was done, just this couple on the porch of an old farm house
they will remodel.  Simple and so beautiful and not like so many big weddings today.    Samuel farms like his father and his bride a nurse, married and local minister
was there.   I remember when Samuel was born and now I wish for them the best life and happiness.

All continues the same in this cottage by the woods, soon therapist visits will stop for a while
and this saddens me as it helps with pain.   Have been told I am not eating enough, but never a
big eater but have to push food at this time.

Made vegetable soup from a lot of leftovers in the freezers with an addition of some frozen roast.
Also made a corn bread so now this will last a few days and have a container for my Jamie when
she visit.

Computer was down a number of hours and seems I became in contact with someone from India
long story, did not use them and was able with nice young man at Verizon to get back online.

When computer does this it truly makes me anxious as this is the main way family and friends
contact me.   So the thought, what did I do for years without a computer :) but sure cannot now...


Tabor said...

As you know my PC died and I had to buy a new one. It has arrived and the tech people are setting it up at the store. I will pick it up in a few days. I have also been very lazy about food and what I eat. For some reason nothing is appealing to me these days. I hope I feel more like eating soon, although I can stand to lose weight. I am sorry you are losing your therapist but you should try to mimic some of the activities if you can.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor, thank you for your comment :) I am always moving and still 3 days a week
on the yoga mat, my son tells me this is not yoga, just stretches, well
whatever it is I will keep doing as long as I can. Weary of sharing health
and doing well I am told. Just balance is so bad and and so careful
You go back a long way with me :)

Judy said...

I have never been a real food lover. I ate what was put in front of me when young, and cooked basics while married. Now, nothing sounds really good. I could get by on a protein drink for lunch and popcorn and milk for supper. Consequently, when and if I do go to a family dinner, I have to be careful or I eat too much and get sick. It's just all so weird.

Rebecca said...

Oh what a beautiful couple. I love that kind of wedding service.
I can sort of understand a bit of panic when computer (or whatever communication tool) is down!

Before my mother died in August she was in a nursing home about an hour away and I needed to be able to communicate with the staff. Now that Dad has come to live with us I don't need to take the phone to bed with me but am sort of in the habit!

Stretches are great for ANYone (I read your comment to Tabor). Do you use a cane for balance? Don't be too proud ♥

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, the pride has left. My cane I love, would not leave home without it :)
Than you always for your comments
and Judy, this one understands...