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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On This Day

Another warm day is beginning and then turning cold tonight.

Chicken soup in the crock pot and using my Beth's information she received from butcher
at Whole Foods, use chicken thighs with the bones.

 Remove skin and bone from thigh after it has cooked with veggies for a couple of hour
I use about 6 cups of water
and chop chicken meat and add back to the crock pot.    A bone broth is simmering with an
addition of chopped carrots, celery, onions and I always add a small potato and my herbs Provence
may add a handful of good pasta.
Will be ready for my second meal, tomorrow and can freeze a container

A morning of errands and hopefully last time using a driver, hair appointment and then on to
grocery.  Have 3 errands for driver as I have hair washed that hopefully can figure out a new
way to do it.    Realizing I am a creature of habit and like my old ways and now have to change some of them,

Why has this not been shared in the past with this one having a balance issue.  Arthur my healer
is scheduled by insurance for a few visits.   Shared that inner ear problems a part of aging
and gave me some eye exercises that will strengthen the inner ear. Hopefully helps some of my balance problem.

Early morning call from over the ocean and bless him
he always tells me he will be calling at 7:00 and phone rings on the dot.

So now back on the mat, yogurt, fruit, waffle with more fruit, my supplements and no pain
pill this morning - Yeah.    Then will dress and be ready for driver.

A picture I came across yesterday
I was 2 months pregnant with my Jamie
we are all dressed for church
one frowning as sun in her eyes...

This one Jimmy a toddler and a cousin was visiting, Laurie missing from photo.
The young girl in first photo is the one I raised until divorce and also in second image.
Many times dressed Laurie and Beth alike, seems I never could find another dress I liked.
As they grew older they told me they did not like me dressing them alike :)


Rebecca said...

So, you use thighs with bone in the soup, then remove bones to make broth? (Trying to glean new & healthy ideas for preparing simple foods. Any clarification appreciated!) Glad you were able to be about w/o pain meds. Interesting about eye exercises for vertigo. (Could use more info about that since my 90 year old father has come to live with us and has bouts of loss of balance.)

Kind of thankful to exit "holiday mode" around here and find a routine again, if such a thing exists.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, emailed you fore directions
and this one an old fashion cook and chop and add a handful or more of this and that
Good luck, back from errands and now time for my second meal..

Judy said...

I have left-over ham in the crock-pot, along with one potato, small cabbage, large onion and a dozen or so carrots. Smells wonderful and will make a nice warm supper for me.

Tabor said...

Looking back we see how we have changed, mistakes maybe made, but knowing we gave it our best shot at the time.

joared said...

Glad to hear you continue on the mend from your fall and having some therapy for balance issues -- increased instances with aging for many. Important to not make quick sudden position changes that can be hard for some to remember to do as a 100+ friend once shared with me. Soup sounds good, but I must confess I've been lazy and purchased some freshly made at a couple of my nearby special markets to which I sometimes add a bit more cooked chicken then I heat it all in the microwave.