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Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Hot Water Bottle and Not Good Morning

Just read an article in the New York Times Magazine section
that made me smile.   It was about using hot water bottles and that the Sanger brand from Germany
is the best.

Night after night on these cold damp nights I fill the bottle with hot water (being careful)
and put at the foot of my bed, so comforting in this home by the damp woods.
After reading the article went on Amazon and did not realize they made a small personal size one.
Just ordered as this size great to put at my lower aching back as I read or watch the horrible news.    Some use an electric blanket at night but not this one as drying to your skin.  I smile as oldest granddaughter in cold N.Y. uses a hot water bottle.   Have read that in England they are placed
at the end of the bed in Inns and Hotels....
An awful morning, new small mixer using and the mixer blades came loose and spattered dough
everywhere, was making banana bread and so upset I forgot the Black Walnut flavor which adds
a lot to this bread, still so good.  Also it did something to the breaker box and finally corrected and restored
current. My Janie said "mama it could have been worse"  I know but a lot to handle this early morning
So  mess has been cleaned up in my kitchen and  Cabbage soup simmering.
Trying to eat healthy and chopped Cabbage, chopped carrots, onions, celery and small potato with an addition of  chopped Turkey Polish Kielbasa add about 4 cups of water and I simmer about 1 1/2 hour
 will be tasty with   Fresh Mozzarella cheese I like and hearty bread..


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Ernestine ~ Your bread and soup look delicious!

Enjoy your new hot water bottle.

Love, hugs & prayers for you ~ FlowerLady

Tabor said...

Please do not be so hard on yourself or the day. This kind of thing happens to us all. I think we got through a period where it happens less and we have such a peaceful life than when something goes wrong it seems to be a bigger deal. Count to ten and sigh and smile and carry on. You do so much more than many people do.

Marcie said...

The hot water bottles are a great idea. I need to buy a couple for this house which we heat only with wood. You are always an inspiration!

Judy said...

I didn't know to put a bit of Walnut flavoring in Banana Bread. I do put walnuts in the dough. Hm-mm. Have to try that next time. If I ever bake anything again. For the first 18 years of my life, I lived with a hot water bottle at the end of my bed. No heat in my bedroom. then, I used to use a warm one under the baby's tummies when they were colicky. A good thing to have around, since my circulation seems to be slowing down and my feet are cold a lot of the time.

Rebecca said...

Soup looks/sounds delish.
Sorry about the mess. I know how frustrating this can be.
I need to find my water bottle. (It just cools off too does the fabric pillow sowed up with rice inside that you heat in microwave. Still very soothing for a short time.)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, my hot water bottle a little more expensive but stays warm
all night...

Wisewebwoman said...

Put hot water bottles in Daughter's and Grandgirl's last night GG just arrived yesterday for a couple of weeks.

Sorry about your mixer. What a mess!


PatK said...

I depend on a hot water bottle to help me survive cold winter nights. If my feet are cold I can't sleep. I do think the European ones are best. I think that American ones were designed to put on a sore muscle, not by your feet in a bed, and I caused several wet bed disasters before I realized I needed to go back to the ones I used in England. Now when I go back to England each year I go to Boots the chemist (pharmacy) and buy one to bring back. Eventually they `perish' and the idea of being without one is unbearable.

PatK said...

Thank you for the cabbage soup recipe. I shall try it tomorrow. Your food is always so colorful - very smart as I understand a colorful plateful ensures a good mix of vitamins and such

Pienosole said...

Greetings to you this morning. Love your header photo. :-)

Joared said...

Is it too late to stop by for a cup of soup and slice of bread? Looks good!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Joared anytime
always something I bake on hand:)