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Monday, January 30, 2017


So many people have been kind to me.

Today an uplifting day

trip to orthopedic doctor, the best and left with a smile on my face and no pain in left knee

this knee 12 years ago with cartilage repair - nothing more will be done as could not stand

more pain.  Told eventually a shot in shoulders with rotatory cuff injury now both shoulders.  Also told
I go month's - like 6 months with these shots for pain and few people go this long.

I have a good plan, reasonable and one I can manage.

Was told how good I am doing on such little medication and to continue all I am doing.
Do not like these words, that arthritis is increasing at a fast pace and really no way to stop this.

I will stop stressing over future since told so healthy at this time because of life of healthy lifestyle
just pain I did not expect and some limitations which will increase.

Can hardly wait until Spring when I can sit on the deck and eat my breakfast and lunch outside

Told "you are not handicapped just limited ability in some area's and I like these words."

Thanks to my many online supporters......and so many I come in contact with daily.

All of you have become family....

Yesterday with 2 of girls visiting, made this peach pie, so easy...posted recipe several days ago.

Gave, Jamie 1/2 to take home...


lil red hen said...

You do seem more cheerful after your visit with the doctor. Yes, spring will help us all, although we haven't had a bad winter so far.
Oh boy! If only I could take just one piece of that wonderful peach pie home with me! :)

Val said...

Spring works wonders for the human spirit. That pie too! ♥

Pienosole said...

Have you noticed the increasing light in the morning? Seems that it not only is arriving earlier, but brighter as well, as the sun is higher in the sky (from our perspective here :-)). Your post this morning brought joy to my heart. :-)

Marcie said...

Glad the visit was positive. So good to read that news!

I like what Pienosole said above about the returning light. That lifts my spirits. I am content with winter and try to find comfort in the extra rest and quiet... but I am yearning toward spring. Like you, I long to eat outdoors... to feel the breeze and listen to the birds sing.

MsGraysra said...

Such a happy sound in your "voice" in this post, Ernestine. Great news! I am content with the winter right now, though, I must say, as I was taking a walk in downtown Plymouth this morning, I took pause and gave a smile to some daffodils, I saw coming through the soil in front of a cupcake shop!! Within 1/2 hr heavy snow began to come down and it is still going on. So happy I am back at home and cozy with the kittens.

That pie looks so good. Can you direct me to the recipe?

PS. Thanks for the info you sent about the Medic Alert pendant and bracelet. I have passed it along to my friend.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcia, sent me your email
cannot follow you the way you are online - wish you were still on blogger
PEACH CUSTARD PIE - recipe on January 19th entry,

To all who commented
thank you always
makes such a diferance with a little less pain

Rebecca said...

Yes - pain DOES sap one of so much.
It's really difficult to keep perspective.
Yesterday (2/2/2017) was a sunny one here in NE Indiana. What a difference it made in MY perspective...
Now to KEEP the "perspectives" we've acquired!
Thankful for all who help restore us to health of body, mind and spirit.