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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Living in the country a number of years
I have grown accustomed to seeing
Chicken Snakes
at first it bothered me
but now
just do not pay any attention to them
Also have seen small green snakes.

But sunning in my flower garden
is one that looks a little different.

Took this image from screen porch...

Read online to soak rags in ammonia
or put out some glue traps
a good way to keep them from around the house.


Balisha said...

I looked up Tennessee snakes and think that it is a garter snake. Probably harmless unless cornered. They come out in spring and have their young...a live birth. Tennessee has so many more of these snakes than ever before....I think it said since the bad storms.
I'm not afraid of snakes, but they startle me when gardening. I rustle the leaves of plants before I reach my hand down. I once found a possum that hissed at me like a cat. I was stooping down to turn on the water and there he was...scared me to death.
Have a nice weekend and I don't know if I commented on your new looks fabulous. So nicely landscaped and safe at the same time.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, thank you
I always think of a garter snake being small. I know at one time
someone working here said they saw a copper head - oh my...

Lonely Rivers said...

Oh I do not like snakes! During the years we lived in Mississippi, I never knew whether to look up or down, they were even hanging from trees, and often enjoying the driveway leading to our house. We have snakes here in the northwest as well but they spend their time in predictable places.

Tabor said...

I also think it may be a larger garter snake. But keeping them away because they tend to surprise you when least expected is probably a good idea. Our copper heads are not aggressive if you leave them alone...but copperheads in Texas are more aggressive.

kerrdelune said...

It could be a gray rat snake, (apparently another name for the chicken snake) but the markings look like more those of a garter snake - garters can grow up to four feet long. Both species are nonvenomous and will keep vermin and insects away from the area around your home. It's unsettling when a big one appears in the garden suddenly though...

Judy said...


Sky said...

i, too, think it wise to discourage them from hanging around the house. we have a friend in GA who is having a problem with rat snakes in her flowerbeds next to the house. she just had one over 4' long scare her terribly. i would faint! gotta always look before sticking your hand under plants! ;)