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Friday, May 23, 2014

Days And Thoughts

Days are very hot
90 on deck most afternoons and  mosquito's have arrived.
Plus do not like that I am now bringing in bird feeders
in the evening as it seems the squirrels are cleaning them out.
Put them back out at daybreak...

Did not notice as many wild flowers in the woods this Spring
but did not walk the paths like in the past.

Straw bale garden looks kind of sad at the moment :)
checked information and I may have planted to soon
before following instructions for 10 days.  Also learned
I need to water more often - like 2 or 3 times a day and
fertilize good - which I am now doing.
Update, filled the last straw bale last night and those plants
are doing good.  It sat empty for 10 days and was watered
daily and fertilize added to soil.

Some of my Iris did not bloom this year and wonder why?

I moved my Hollyhocks to a new location
and one made it
look at these leaves

and corn is about 8 inches high

Recent trip to garden center and I look longingly at the plants
but vow to buy no more... but purchased one today an inexpensive Foxglove
and will see how it does...Lowe's price was twice as much.

Unsettled about situation in my son's land :(  but he assures
me all is well.

A lot of reflection lately, nothing to do with anything but - just me
at this time of life.   Trying not to share a lot with my children and wish
they would just say "checking on you and close with I love you."
 Do not want to be boring or continually talk about how I feel
even though they ask.   Just cannot seem to pretend and be jolly a lot
and cannot seem to pretend I do not like what is happening with health issues.
One day I think they have disappeared and I am so busy and happy.
Then another day and night they return with a vengeance.
Arthritis is not on a schedule and balance is severely off.
But thankful I do all that needs to be done in my world
just want to do more :)

Excellent diet, very little medication, exercise, rest, meditation
doing all I know and will not stop.

I an so different from my mother, aunts and grandmother's
who are all gone at this time.
On my visits and they were younger, my age and beyond, it seems most
of the time  they were calmly sitting.  This is not what
is happening here by the woods :)

Eventually you would think
that the body would  stop trying to keep up with the mind,
and does the mind keep giving instructions
until the end
I wonder......

And I will leave you with a smile

New words from my youngest granddaughter to her mom.
"She looks good, even though she has old freckles like you :)"


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, it is a time of reflection isn't it. I too try not to talk of internal wranglings and wrenchings of the heart and spirit but focus on the better bits - the ability to do, to plot, to dream.

PS I love the straw bales, how marvellous.

Tabor said...

Aging is not for the weak of heart. We know and do not know what waits us at the end. Your mind still is interested in everything around you and ignores that your body is making things difficult. I heard the news story today on Thailand and it did seem that most everything will be safe for now and expatriates are not targets.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW and Tabor, day is ending
and thank you for your special words. You have no clue as to how special you are to this one :)
Best of evenings wished
for both of you.

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing that your son is well ~ he is on my mind as is another blog friend's son who is in Thailand for his friend's wedding. I am still in awe that any of my flowers have returned after the harsh winter and eager to greet each one. I'm glad to read your comments about the books I've shared recently - you and I like many of the same authors:)

kerrdelune said...

How I enjoy walking through your garden with you and wee Callie! Visiting here never fails to awaken my sense of wonder and always brings peace. Thank you, my friend!

Judy said...

It doesn't look like any of my Iris will bloom. So few blossoms on my Lilacs, Rose of Sharon all look dead. Harsh winter = sad spring. Last I heard Thailand seems to be in a calm mode--the Embassy would tell Americans if they should get out.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Times of reflection are good for us.

Aging can sometimes be hard to take, especially when we want to keep doing things like we used to.

All we can do is be thankful for each new day and do our best, resting when our bodies tell us to.

Glad to hear your son is safe.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

It seems that all my friends are dealing with health issues. Who said that these are the golden years? I guess we just have to do the best we can and hang on for dear life.
Have a nice weekend. Hope it's a one without pain.

lil red hen said...

I had lovely irises this spring, much to my surprise. Last summer these dogs had them worn down to the tubers, but when spring came, they shot up and out did themselves. They're through blooming now so the bed looks a little drab. I'm keeping a close watch on the foxglove seed pods. Hope the one you bought does well!