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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Enjoyed The Rain

An off and on rainy and cooler day.
Delightful and I spent much time outside,
so dirty and muddy if I fell I would be ashamed to call 9ll.

I have said many times that like my mother that this one could take
 a piece of any plant and make it grow,
 it may not happen with these straw bales - so will wait and see.   
Was difficult for me to make a
deep hole in straw for what I wanted to plant.  So a shallow one with an addition of
potting soil and fertilizer.
Now wait and see...

A plus is the rain today, more tonight and I soaked the bales with water real good.
Yesterday and today

These plants were in pots by my herb garden and if they do well
going to plant some potato's and turnip greens in this way.

My clematis have been exceptionally pretty this Spring.
Iris and peony's so huge and rain brought many to the ground,
too beautiful to add them all to compost pile
and put some of them in a vase...
Day has ended for this one.

I have to say
it was my favorite kind of day.

I might add that
two plants I have always wanted,
Foxglove and Larkspur and
no luck with them in the past
and saw one of them at Lowe's the other day.
The Foxglove and was very pricey.

Keep having thoughts of this plant
and may look at it again.   Need to check and see
if my area is good for them and if they need
shade and sun - which is my garden...

Really do not need to plant anything else....


Judy said...

I am going to be watching these hay bale gardens of yours--so interesting.

Need? When did need ever come into the scheme of wanting a new plant? Maybe later in the season, the Foxglove will go on sale. Or--just go back and get it now--and a Larkspur too--why not! :-)

lil red hen said...

I'm also going to look into this bale gardening.

Ernestine, if you were close enough I would give you lots of seeds for the foxglove. I believe seeds saved are better than the ones bought. And, there are so few seeds in a package ~ I'd be ashamed to sell an almost-empty package.

MsGraysea said...

Hay bale gardening looks very interesting and I, too, will be very curious about the results. Looks promising. The flowers are spectacular, especially the clematis. WOW!!

Sky said...
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Sky said...

love the idea of the bales hosting an herb garden! seems like a great idea - this assists birds in nesting, keeps environment clean, provides a nice moist base to the soil, and makes the planting process easier! please keep us updated with pics of it so we can see how it progresses. your flowers are glorious! your granddaughter, soon-to-be-bride, is beautiful, love is in the air, a festive event is soon to occur, your kids and their families are such blessings. sounds like life in the TN countryside is delightful!