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Monday, June 20, 2011



My move back home to the country was finally happening.
Now I am amazed that 2 years have gone by so quickly.
I continue to be thankful that I was allowed to return
to the woods, nature and a life that was always a dream.



I clicked on emails early this morning and it put a smile on my face to see some uplifting "cheering on".

Last night decided - I needed more help both physically and emotionally. Guess who came to the rescue ---- I wonder what would this mom do without him. My special son!!

Last night he loaded his vehicle with a number of things I did not want on the moving truck and this morning will bring a cooler to transport groceries to put in my new refrigerator.

I truly needed someone with me. This independent One Woman who for years has always been able to coast on her own has tears in her eyes as she admits her weakness. Guess it is the time of my life and age. I must also add that this is a dream that is becoming a reality. There are all kinds of mixed emotions taking place.

The moving people will arrive in two hours and then I am on my way for my first nights in the country. Where in the world does the "stuff" come from? Especially when I have been continually downscaling for a number of years. This home looks great and I will not miss one single thing that is being taken out of it.

Why am I so emotional? Is this normal? I guess normal for One Woman. A dream coming true and I have the thoughts of - how long will I be able to enjoy the life I am headed for.

Painfully aware that I am in the gift years. The bible says we are granted 70 years and anything after that is a gift. Enough of this melancholy sharing.

On a happy note is the fact that my 7 year old granddaughter wants to go with me for the day and night. She will be truly welcome.

My daughter and husband will be in that old home place area tomorrow and will pick her up.

So my first night will be with my little one.

Thank you so much for the continued encouraging.

To think I questioned having a journal and revealing myself so openly. Revealing the past, present and what is to come. This journey has been a learning experience and a joy that came with many new friendships.

Will be back on line the end of week. Imagine no television, land line phone and computer - I think it will be great!!!

One Woman's big day


Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Though I haven't been commenting, I've been following your move as you've written about it here for a while now. Today, as I read this post, I had a lump in my throat for you--a wave of emotion, a little celebration of how much you've "grown" and settled down into your truest self these last few weeks. It does truly feel like you are "home" in so many ways, on so many levels.

May your moving day be blessed. What an auspicious thing that your granddaughter wants to spend the first night in your new nest with you. And thank goodness for sons! Aren't they wonderful?! Enjoy, enjoy. You deserve it! TN said...

I knew you were moving into a new house, but it had been a while since reading your posts. How excited I am for you! Please send pictures of your new place. I will be back. I think I found you at Judy's a long time ago.

Gilly said...

Its an emotional time! New starts have to leave memories behind, and that is sad. But look forward, this is your life with sunshine ahead!

And what are sons for but to appear just when they are needed, with strong arms and reasonably willing hearts, to help us?

Good luck, and we are all looking forward to photos and to know how you are settling down.

Nan said...

This is so, so normal. Any change, even little ones, can stir up all kinds of sometimes conflicting emotions. Saying hello also means saying goodbye. Life is deep and rich.

Nan said...

Oh, I meant to address your words on the entry: "A dream coming true and I have the thoughts of - how long will I be able to enjoy the life I am headed for." I read once that Thomas Jefferson said that had he known he would live so long, he would have planted more trees. My motherinlaw and her husband who are 81 and 86 just planted a tree. They are youthful and full of hope and joy. Just think, you could have thirty years there easypeasy!

L. said...

Your words contain such honesty...please don't ever apologize for what you post.

We are all on this journey with you "holding" you up as you make some very major changes in your environment.

I think that you are one of the bravest and most interesting women that I have "met" via this wonderful world of blogging.

Best of luck to you in all the wondrous days ahead...

Balisha said...

God bless you as you make this move into your new home. I wish you peace and joy.

Tabor said...

Change of any magnitude can create much emotion in oneself. I think you are afraid that all your hope will not be fulfilled. I know that it will, just that it will take time and patience. I am so glad your granddaughter is with you at this time. This will be a wonderful memory for her.

Darlene said...

Enjoy your week without the distraction of the Internet, TV, etc. I know that tonight you are enjoying that sweet little one who is sharing your first night in your new home. It will be a wonderful memory for both of you.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your transition from being a 'city mouse to a 'country mouse'.

Please take lots of pictures so we can see where you are living now.

Judy said...

I am so happy for you and can't wait to hear about your first night in the woods and getting your new house in order. I am so proud of you, too, for making this journey and continuing to make your dreams come true! How wonderful that your granddaughter will share this with you. She will never forget this and always remember your first night there with her as company. I love the picture of your dad's store, too. Reminds me of the one I had and brought back memories.

Sarah Lulu said...

Wishing you joy ...on your new journey.

Looking forward to seeing you back online.

Moving is always an emotional time.

I'm doing it myself in two weeks.

much love, God bless, Sarah Lulu

Sky said...

toasting you tonight ernestine! such a wonderful new adventure you seek, such energy you have spent, such bravery you have shown. i imagine you are emotionally and physically tired! i always am when i move. beginnings, endings, openings, closing - it is all the same. you have so many exciting days and nights ahead. we have many wonderful posts and photographs from you ahead. take your time adjusting. if i had any advice to you, that would be it. you are not on the clock now - take your time, rest, sleep in. your body and mind probably need some quiet time. until later...big hugsssssssss!

MsGraysea said...

I cannot wait to read about your first days and nights in your new haven. It has been so exciting and touching to follow your journey to this point.
Wishing you every happiness in your new place and that the "city" house will sell SOON!

Elderwoman said...

How perfect that you moved just before the solstice, and just before the dark of the moon. A time of change, of light and dark, of growth and excitement. A time of who-knows-what-might-happen-next. It is wonderful to see the way you 'follow your bliss', even when it has scary aspects to it.
Hugs to you, Ernestine.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Jan, Clara, Gilly, Nan, Grammie, Balisha, Tabor, Darlene, Judy, Sarah, Sky, Marcia, Marian - hope I did not forget anyone.
Came back to the city for the day.
I need to go over this home and watch granddaughter for the day.
All of your words have touched me deeply. Thank you. Special thoughts and blessings go out to each of you. Do not think I could make it without you!!!

Laura said...

I love the phrase "the gift years"...and yet, I believe everyday is a gift, no?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Dear Laura, thank you and you are so right.....