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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Solstice

Around the corner...

The first day of summer
Sun at its highest point
in the sky
Summer Solstice
will arrive
about June 21st..

With the temperature on my deck hitting 100 degrees every afternoon for weeks, it sure has seemed like summer was already here.

With the unusual high temperatures I think of the ocean and if I close my eyes I can hear the waves and smell their special scent.
I can hear the sound of fans whirling in every room.
Love walking barefoot on the cool wood floors.
Can't seem to get enough of ice cream and ice tea.

I love waking before dawn, it feels cool. Take pleasure in opening all the blinds, throwing open the solid doors and through the screen doors can hear everything in the woods waking up to a new day.

As the days shorten it will remind me that soon I will be able to fall asleep without seeing the reflection of the sun on my walls.

1 comment:

the wild magnolia said...

I love my visits to your cottage at the edge of the woods!

We are hot too!

Thank you, for sharing.