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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts

I drove to pick up my little girl early this morning. Grandma's day. The weather is cold, misty rain and almost foggy. Traffic early in the morning is horrendous. Or rather it is always terrible here in the city. I do not like it.
Lately I have been noticing a hum in the atmosphere. Told my son about this and his reply was "that's the interstate". Certain times of the year you notice it more. Still getting use the sounds in this city cottage. Also I can remember waking up in the night and thinking "what is that".
I opened the front door and could hear the train. I never notice it in the daytime but do at night .
In my country space there is no sound. Or rather you might hear some cattle in the distance.
With frequent trips my memory is returning of the special country sounds. Here in the city with the street lights on it is never dark. I remember in the country the total blackness at night. Then you would become use to the dark and the moon would light up different places.

Oh well I am dreaming again. I am enjoying the process of planning this cottage and garden area. Many times I have heard the comment that I should have done this professionally.
I have only had the energy to do this for my dwellings. They are a part of me. Do not think I could give this much of myself to someone else.

Just received call for septic system approval and driveway approval. Next to have my area cleared and picture in my mind my setting and then building permit.
Will be interesting to see if this will progress. So I send up to Heaven requests for positive energy, health, wisdom and financial plans to fall in place.

If there is any problem with any of this - I stop. I Continue to take one day at a time.

How do geese know when to fly to the sun. Who tells them the seasons? How do we humans know when it is time to move on. As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within if only we would listen.

Elizabeth Kubler - Ross


Judy said...

The noises of the city are so different from those of the country. I remember that darkness at night and the stillness and the sounds in summer of the insects. It was a lovely noise. I read about the poison ivy, too. One of my twins would get it so bad we had to take her to the doctor every time. She would even get it in her mouth.

Tabor said...

I can see your feet tapping with pleasure and some impatience to get this thing going. Your determination is wonderful.

MsGraysea said...

I am just so impressed with your focus, peace and ability as you go toward your dream/goal of having a new country cottage. It is such fun to "go along" with you.
Congrats on the approvals. Those are big things!
I, too, notice noises. I love silence and deep darkness. Here the winter is very silent except when we have an ocean storm, at which time, the roar is amazing. In the summer we have many more people so it is sometimes noisy. I am grateful to be way back off the road and have wonderful quiet.
Thank you as always for sharing the way you live your life and get through each day. It is a lesson for all of us.

Sky said...

good for you! how exciting to be moving along with your fabulous plans!

i miss the sounds of the train. i have always been able to hear a train, no matter where i lived, until these past 5 years in the pacific nw. seems strange now - it is a sound i like. i know the darkness you mention. my parents live on many wild acres in a rural area and when it gets dark, it really gets dark! moon shine and star shine are so much more vibrant there.

yikes at the poison ivy!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, Tabor, Marcia and Sky, thank you for the comments. I am continueing to go with my heart. Not my mind. As the mind becomes so analytical that it is overwhelming. I am trying to stay in a simplification mode. Sky I am getting use to the middle of the night train sounds.