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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blue Eyes

Her youngest daughter was out of college and now living in a nearby city. Her mother was enjoying an entry back into the career world. Many asked how did she secure such a position. She was approached and it was offered to her. Community events, training employees and some public speaking. Never in past years would she attempted standing in front of people with a presentation, but at this stage of life it did not phase her. The position lasted about 2 years but it got her back out into the world for a short time.
She was making her early morning inspection of stores. She noticed him for several days,
sitting by the window. The saddest expression she had ever seen on someones face.
She usually did not offer to freshen a customer's coffee, the shop was almost empty and she approached him.
He looked at her and she saw the most beautiful blue eyes that she had ever seen.
A slightly built older man with sad blue eyes. He smiled and said thank you.
In a few days she noticed him again. She once again approached him with fresh coffee.
A conversation started. She learned that he had lost his wife not many months before.
What sparks that deep compassion for someone when you really do not know them or their story?
A friendship developed and he was always special to her. He often told her that he was so depressed when she approached him and that she saved his life by reaching out to him. She adored him. Not the adoration of someone that she would marry. But a love that just came out of her heart and there was a tenderness towards him. Almost maternal.
At times she would hear a comment of "why do you enjoy that older man's company"?
She just did.
Much was shared over the years. She would listen and encourage him when he had struggles. He would listen to her. She was with him through several surgeries and she could have dinner with him and hardly utter a word and all was well.
She watched him come out of his deep grief and once again begin to make a life for himself. Interest she really did not share. She smiled at his popularity with the older women and would tease him about it.
He never forgot her birthday, Christmas or what he called their anniversary of the time she poured him a cup of coffee. She misses him. They were always a phone call away from one another. He passed away this year.

So special friend you are not near, but you are never forgotten.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts.

Friendship needs no words


Anonymous said...

It is a bittersweet story. Thanks for sharing. I find I have to make younger friends now because I'm losing my older ones. Live and learn.

L. said...

I am back home now and catching up on the blogs that are special to yours.

Reading through the stories that I have missed filled me with such emotion. You write so beautifully and with such feeling.

Thank you....and, Happy, Healthy 2009 to you my blogging friend.

Sky said...

wishing you a full and fruitful new year of things which tickle your fancy and bring you joy.

thanks for sharing this story of your friend. i am sorry he is gone but glad you have such fond memories to remind you of the special love.

Judy said...

Ernestine, I, too, had a very special friend like yours that was an older man. He was married and his wife was still living but was happy with our friendship and knew that was all it was. He had the bluest eyes also. During that time there was always a lot of local gatherings, etc. in our area with local bands playing. His favorite song was "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" and he would always ask me to dance when they played that song. His wife did not dance and he would always get her permission first. He was such a wonderful, sweet person and I loved him just like you as a friend. He passed away several years ago but his wife is still living and I just heard from her recently. I loved your story and it brought back this memory to me. Thanks so much for sharing.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Mothernaturesgarden, Grammie, Sky and Judy, thank you to each of you for your comments. Your friendship is special to this One woman. It just seems as age and death of loved ones begins that it is more difficult to make friends of any age. Guess that is why with my 8 month online experience it is special to me.

Blessed-Priz said...

Very touching story on friendship. i'm really inspired and thanks for sharing//