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Monday, December 29, 2008

New Horizon

I am not one to pay much attention to horoscopes. I seldom read them but with an extra minute on hand I clicked on my birth date.
Oh my, this sounds good, especially since I have a number of creative thoughts going through my mind. Wonder if this is just teasing me.

It's hard to understand where your inspiration comes from now, yet it is like a fresh wind blowing in a new season. Your muse may be leading you on to manifest something of great beauty, however she is speaking in an alien tongue, making it a challenge for you to use the material. No matter how odd it seems, try to take the ideas that come to you and work them into what you create.

This may be too much for this One Woman to take in at this late stage of her continued journey

1 comment:

Judy said...

Don't you think it is odd that you never read these things and you decide to read one and this is what is says to you. I think it is a sign of some kind. I have always thought if we just listen and observe our futures are laid out for us in various ways. How interesting.