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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Morning Fog

Fog finally lifting
love this little red wagon
when I struck out alone with my 4-year-old
I hauled wood inside the big farmhouse for my daily fire
those were the days.

Left the big city corporate world
remodeling an old farmhouse, baby calves I fed with a bottle, gardened loved this gravel road out in the middle of nowhere.

Not that way now
grown children in other states and countries
big city, all with wonderful careers.

Now cannot imagine
one of the youngest grandchildren checking out colleges for next year
and this is really something
youngest granddaughter
now in a Magnet school and when I inquired what language you are taking
she replied "Chinese"

Oldest granddaughter expecting my second Great in November
a chef in Nantucket
and another cannot even begin his accomplishments

So better begin my day
fog lifted
school bus on the road

and this one
so many blessings

hope I did not forget anyone
if I did
forgive me
it is early
and need to begin my day


Carolyn Marie said...

Ernestine, you are indeed blest in your family.

lil red hen said...

Your header photo is fantastic! Love the little red wagon; I have one, much more worn since small grandson played extra hard in it almost 30 years ago. :) Have a lovely day.

Sharon said...

I enjoy hearing about how your family grows and changes. My oldest grandchild starts kindergarten this fall. There are so many new things ahead.