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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Something New

Returning home yesterday from the big city
we headed for my smaller local town
which is certainly growing.

Instruction to one driving
go to the new coffee shop on our local Historical Square
read on Instagram their specialty this week.

Oh my
been a long time
a Rueben

This one on Sour Dough bread

Do generously
Corn Beef layered with Swiss Cheese
or Guyre Cheese, Sour Krout (drain, squeeze dry)
and Thousand Island dressing

Toasted to perfection in my grandmothers iron skillet
so good and may reproduce here in the cottage kitchen;

Thoughts of ordering a small Panini Press, but enough small appliances I do not use already in this kitchen.   So small iron skillet serves the purpose.

Opened the doors this morning
and a storm with high winds must have passed through.

In the yard, rocking chair, small table, rug, and flower pot
had blown off.

When someone arrives will have them replaced
that is off of my to-do list at this time.

Beautiful 68-degree morning.


Suemn said...

Oh my Ernestine, you make that Rueben sound so good!

Sharon said...

It's so much fun to find a new place to be as wonderful as we hope it will be. That does sound like a delicious sandwich you can make at home. I think food tastes better in the summer, or maybe it's the fresh ingredients.