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Saturday, August 3, 2019


Up and see my Jamie's email
they are home from a week trip in Florida, her girls each took a friend.

What a surprise, I prayed continual for a safe trip home for them during the night, kept thinking they would be in

Her busyness begins from this much-needed trip, orientation for one going to a new school is today and the other one continued education search will be going on.  Plus she is a writer who works from
home and know her desk is piled with paperwork and many emails that will need attention.

Thankful for her email.

Will welcome her visit next week
it is her Birthday.  My youngest, born 3 weeks early and so tiny.
Such a blessing she is to her independent mama who now seems to need some help in areas.

Thankful that my helper arrives early this morning and I want to begin planning another small
a place for flowers lost so many over the last 2 years.

This one still problems with ongoing UTI, will not share much
but seems most antibiotics not working and a DNA test was taken to see what can help.
Makes me feel really rough but just keep moving.

So just continuing on and almost have lost faith in the medical profession and will not expand on

Did not share when she was on this needed trip and daughter who lives in Florida has had
her daughter and that precious great-grandson visiting and another one due in November.
Family is growing.

I miss everyone, but it is what it is - for lack of better words.

Hot weather is here and wonder if any rain in August.

So wherever you are enjoying your August maybe it is better in your location.


Rebecca said...

It IS what it is.😄
Weather hear is nigh perfect--just in time for our local, small-town festival! Parade passes our from porch in a couple of hours.
I pray for your continuing peace. Body, mind, soul. ❤️

Tabor said...

Hot and humid here. I lost a bunch of stuff in my garden including my hardy wild asters. Not sure, but think it is rust or some fungus. I have a 2-foot round area of brown and dying plant, just as you turn from the driveway to the front door!! And the Japanese stilt weed has taken over the flower beds. I have less energy for it all.

Wisewebwoman said...

We have unseasonal weather here, far too hot and some humidity and we are not acclimated to that at all so we are wiped out.

So sorry to hear about your UTI and the lack of proper drugs for it. If you can get Alka Seltzer down there do so. Just try it. 2 tablets in 8oz water a couple of times a day. It's a no fail cure for me as I am immune to many antibiotics. Doctors sneer at this but I do believe it has something to do with the alkaline neutralizing the acid plus the bonus of pain relief.

Big hugs in the meantime.