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Monday, August 5, 2019


A quick note on this wonderfully cool foggy morning, it is 67, strong wind and some needed rain
at dusk, some plants were blown over and cushions in the yard and helper will have to tend to that
this evening on arrival.

Up at 5:00, a long prayer time
excited for my youngest granddaughter
her first day at Magnet school, it is in downtown Nashville
mom has a distance to drive.

Back to my morning
after much going through my mind and some meditation
I begin my usual 15-minute bed Yoga
stretches and use the smallest weights
not like years ago when I walked a few miles with 5 lb weights in my hands.

Practice what I have tried to change to no avail
I turn on the computer
a lot of information is forwarded to me from my Jamie on the magnet school my youngest is on the way to this early morning, some emails, turn that machine off and the day begins.

It is foggy, deer in the front Soybean field, strange they look towards my cottage as I begin to
raise all the blinds.

So as the day begins, always bed made the first thing.   I have always told my children they can tell when
I am very sick as the bed will not be made.

Thankful new H/A man came and put up ceiling fan on screen porch
have missed it.   This cottage built almost 12 years ago and it seems some now needs replacing.
It is evident nothing lasts like it did in many homes I have lived in through the years.

The nurse arrives this morning, checks b/p and hoping DNA test is back, do not like this UTI, so pleased that my insurance
ok's this weekly visit.   Like Jana so much and a plus she is a neighbor.

So pleased that my daughter in Tampa called yesterday, granddaughter and that first great-grandson
visiting.  Missed not talking to my Jessica, she is expecting in November.  My family growing.

Busy family.

Enough shared...............


Tabor said...

You are lucky to be surrounded by so much love. The misty cool morning is a treasure. The mother and fawn are visiting my yard each morning eating around the invasive stilt grass down to the tiny bit of lawn I still have. My mornings are cooler but only down to the low 70s. I am so glad that your children realize you want to know about everything in their lives.

Wisewebwoman said...

Keep that sense of wonder and curiosity, Ernestine, it will sustain you. I always love your photos. I had a rough day yesterday but got out later to just be with people and lovely views for a while.

We will survive.


Rebecca said...

How full your morning! You sound grounded and hopeful.☺️

MsGraysea said...

Such a beautiful morning at your haven.....the love around you is so beautiful. I love how you take on and follow advice from those loving ones.

Laughed at the bedmaking reference....I am the same way, and I better get back in my room now and make that bed.

We are leaving tomorrow to drive to Canada to see my sister. She is dying, but gracefully.....cancer nearly everywhere. All the Morse sisters are gathering for a last time with Margaret and her daughters. We will arrive with hope always in our hearts, no matter what the outcome will be. With aging, these things do feel harder, but we will celebrate our family love just the same. Lou will be along with me for support as he always is.
Much packing to finish today......Love to you always, Marcia