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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Hummers and Spaghetti

They are everywhere
and yesterday saw a baby, so tiny

All of a sudden
a craving for Spaghetti
addition of my Basil and Oregano and this one loves Garlic.
Might add that I am beginning to cook more, just simple recipes but so good

Where do memories come from?  I began to think of Anna, loved her.  She was an Italian war bride.
I have her recipe, similar to what I prepared but she had meatballs.
Her husband a master of creations, so talented helped me with several homes, a charmer, everyone liked him but  a ladies man,  a scoundrel.
My time with them over 50 years ago and memories of he broke her heart.

I often wonder if that is the way it was in another era or maybe still is.

My best friend after high school was Ginnie, I tried for years to locate her to no avail.   Worked with
her at the corporate office at Ford Motor Company in Michigan after I graduated from High School. Loved visiting her and the hugs her mama would greet with.
Her Italian food was supreme.  So different from my background of Southern cooking.
Have always been drawn to Italian people, a dream was to visit Italy and have a number of books
I have read based in that country.   May reread them as they always give me a warm feeling.

Notice lately so many  past memories arise in my mind, some wonderful and warm my heart
and others remember they broke my heart and I quickly try to erase them.


Tabor said...

You have led such a rich and beautiful life. I think you should make a bunch of small stories about these wonderful characters that crossed your path.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, thank you, you put a smile on my face. Since I love to write, may do it,

Judy said...

Yes, please write of these memories.
I too have been having memories of people that I haven't seen or thought of in over 30 years.
Sometimes I see their face and can't remember their name right away. It niggles at my mind and finally, usually when I am in bed, about to fall asleep, their name comes and with it, more memories.

PatK said...

I think you would find the process of writing rewarding because it would bring back even more memories. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what we have experienced our lives, work, relationships etc. lest we fall into the trap of focusing on what we didn’t do and get wastefully depressed.

Oh how I wish our hummingbirds were as friendly to each other as yours are. It’s a constant aerial battle among certain of the ones who come to our feeders. One in particular last year sat on a branch near the feeders and chased off any of the others who came. He seems to be gone this year but even so there is frequent conflict.

As always my mouth is watering after looking at your dinner.

Wisewebwoman said...

I too am savouring memories, some good, some balanced with some heartbreak and questionable choices, my own and others. Nothing to be ashamed or frightened of. Some sad. A balanced life. truly.

Yes do write, you have led an extraordinary life and your descendants need to know about it.


Carolyn Marie said...

Anna, my mother in law, was an Italian war bride. She was a wonderful cook and many people said that she should open a resturant. She had six children to care for so a resturant was out of the question. She passed away in 2011 at age 93. She is missed by her family but we keep her memory alive by all the little stories we share about her.

Starzz said...

It's 10:40pm and I am catching up on the blogs I read. I have been busy in the garden these days. Rain coming tomorrow.."Maybe" only 25%. Your writings about the food you cook make me want to have some of what you are having. Right now I want spaghetti. But I must go to bed soon. I so enjoy your blog, Ernestine. Thank you.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

to each of you
thank you for your sharing
you are all special...