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Saturday, May 4, 2019


I must confess
I truly know little about the many ways Oregano is used.
In Italian dishes that in the past I cooked I used it often.

While my son was visiting he took me to lunch several times at a wonderful place
I complimented this small elegant place.
Antonia, a Greek restaurant in Nashville.

Oh my
how delicious the food
I enjoyed eggplant stuffed with vegetables,  also a vegetable dish with Lamb,
their warm bread is wonderful
it was served in a small glass dish filled slightly with a warm dip.

I inquired "what is it".

Shared that it was
Olive oil ( and I know you know always use the best quality of Olive Oil available to you.)
a small amount of Crushed red pepper
also Oregano
and a splash of Lemon.

 I will experiment to see if I have success in my kitchen of reproducing something similar to the correct proportions for my taste.

Would be so tasty with warm bread in my home.
is Hummus,  Spinach/Artichoke dip, warmed small slices of Pita Bread
is so tasty

As I looked up Oregano on Amazon and continued reading about it online
learned much about this herb, the majority available online was medicinal.
I was looking for the best spice I could use in my new dip.

Also, the young man who helps me shared he takes Oregano pills and is very helpful for
issues going on with his body.

A lot of people in my area visit the Mennonites, my young helper has been visiting them for help with health issues.   Another young woman I know had cancer and worked with their herb healing
and cured

This is something I never did but at times over the years had thoughts of visiting them.

Do like they are not using Steroids.


Judy said...

Many of the old folk herbs were very helpful in healing people.
I'm wondering about the cannibis oil, CBD. Wonder if it helps with arthritis and if I can take it with my blood thinner.

MsGraysea said...

What a great post and a delicious of the foods you have been trying lately. The eggplant baked with veggie sin on my list to try. Friends that make it, use a lot of garlic. I love that brand of Naan you have. Today at lunch we made little pizzas on it, and they were a hit.

I have known about oregano for many health issues and I am particular what type I use in cooking. I do love the Mexican oregano, surely available on line. I buy it when I am in Colorado. and I working on acceptance, no, it is not easy.

Wisewebwoman said...

I think it essential you post what you feel Ernestine, it is good for you and good for your readers too. Old age has many challenges and I have written about many in my latest post as we are forming an elder women activist group, so many are afraid to protest for fear of punishment and exile.

It is not a simple journey, this aging process, I still struggle with impatience at the limitations on my legs, the pains, the near sobbing with frustration at times. And then I pick myself up and dust myself off and start.......

Easier said than done some days, I get so tired now, not used to this, farming my energy carefully.

I have some oregano oil kicking around, I don't know why (forgot) must try and see what magic it can wreak.


Tabor said...

Because these do not work for large numbers of people, they do not get regularly prescribed. My oregano bed is HUGE this year. Guess I will be drying a lot of it. My cilantro is also two feet high! A friend yesterday shared this recipe (from Bon Appetit): Slice of bread, peanut butter spread, push in a light layer of cilantro leaves, put some sliced green onions on top and cover with a light swirl of siracha (hot sweet sauce) and eat. She loved it, so no I have to try that.

Marcie said...

I love oregano. Love the bright flavor and the softness of the leaves in the garden. Often add it to vegetable soup, with a tiny bit of pasta and red beans, for a lovely lunch. We serve bread and olive oil too, and often season the oil with crushed garlic, salt and pepper and rosemary, but oregano is also wonderful. It is truly fascinating to learn all of the ways that herbs and vegetables can improve our well-being! Thank you for your beautiful post!