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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Family

New family resting in the
Lilac bush by the deck.

What a good father as he brings food and watches while mama is out.

I believe this is the 3rd summer here by my cottage
they have made their home.

Look out the door many times
and he is sitting on the outside door knob..

Two families of these red birds this Spring.

Must like me


lil red hen said...

Oh what a thrill this must be! I have cardinals during the winter months but no nests. My favorite is the mockingbird who sits on the highest spot in the yard and sings all songs of the other birds. We also have lots of purple martins, hence no mosquito problems. xoxo

Tabor said...

You are blessed as our cardinals nest in different places every year. They are hard to watch as their nests are hidden in the bushes. Our bluebirds are going crazy feeding heir young in the birdhouse though. Such lovely candlesticks.

Sharon said...

What wonderful photos of your cardinals. We don't have a lot of birds in our woods - too many owls and eagles nearby I think.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh so darling. My pair of crows had their nest looted by an eagle. They are heartbroken. Such intelligent birds. All their friends came raised an awful ruckus after the event. Now they come back every morning and sit on the wire looking over at their empty next and comfort each other.

I posted pics of them on Insta.


Pienosole said...

Wonderful to have a family of cardinals as close neighbors, they bring us joy.

kerrdelune said...

Love these cardinals - two couples are nesting in my cedar hedge, and they sing gloriously.