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Friday, May 3, 2019


I thought of deleting my sharing
 that was done yesterday morning.

On second thought I will not delete those thoughts and honesty of my words
as my life is changing.

Yesterday my helper was amazing..  The doorknob was replaced, screen door repaired where the squirrel made a hole and is trying to make
his evening home my porch, pressure washed patio which was badly in need after 2 years.  We made a drive to town, market, post office, picked up lunch
and several errands I can take care of while sitting in the car.

Pleased with all accomplished I mentioned and much more.

This early morning I count my blessings, continue onward with all that is falling in place
and trying Acceptance of not my way
which is not an easy task
but his way
is slowly taking place.

This morning one may arrive to help in the garden
he called
not one who can always be counted on arriving
but hopefully, he does what he shared.

I am working on deleting the thought
that most being done by others are what I did in the past
and not liking it

Thank you to all who encourage.

All of you are bright and Shining Stars

to the one whose life is rapidly changing.


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