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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Up in the Night and find this image :)

did not share this image with me.

Recent storm
 Miss Callie
and Jamie's two dogs jumped in her bed.

I smile
Oh my she never did this on my bed

so more freedom at my daughter's :)

She is happy
but I miss her......


Bluebird49 said...

Oh, my she looks quite comfy! And I would miss her so much, too. I wish Jamey could bring her to you, but Callie may not want to leave you and she'd lose all the progress she has made.
I am praying for you that you and she may return to the country when it's warmer outside, and hopefully you are stronger!!

Tabor said...

Three dogs means no room for a human? Kind of her to give up her bed. Warmer weather soon and you can be together more, I am sure.

Marcie said...

What a cute picture! Have just come by to catch up on reading your posts. I took a new job a few weeks ago, and am not finding as much time to blog or read blogs. I think I will once I settle in to a new routine. So, as you adjust to your new surroundings, I am doing the same. I'm so glad I was able to read your journal today, and find you, as always, reflective and thoughtful, and resilient, Ernestine.

lil red hen said...

This brings a smile !! The farmer's little dog stays inside even though I don't like dogs in the house! ;) She's a small dog and can't take the cold weather.

MsGraysea said...

Such a cute photo of the doggie pals. Your longing to see Callie must be like the pull LM and I feel when we long for Ms G. I hope Callie can visit you soon.

Nan said...

I know you miss her, but what a joy to see what a good time she is having.