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Friday, January 26, 2018

Morning Thought and Something New

"When a compassionate intention arises

don't evaluate it,

Trust it

Just do it "

Colan Beavan

Air so dry where I am at this time  and what I use at my country home too big for me to fill here,
I can easily handle this.

My granddaughter bought this for my new great grandson,
I like the size and it runs for 10 hours,  You can have the night light which is blue on or off,
an Amazon buy.

My Beth
arrived early this morning  and took me to some new places in this area.   Nashville is growing
every hill, cliff, does not matter what kind of land  it is being built on.   Arriving here almost
60 years ago knew this area well,  every restaurant, special places to go but not any more, now seems like such a different city.


Rebecca said...

How handy! I've never seen anything like it! Winter and forced air furnace dries me out terribly! What a great quote)reminder! Thanks for posting it.

Bobbie said...

We have had a little humidifier going all winter. So dry. I love, love the picture on
your screen. Did you color it? It is beautiful :) Have a good day. Bobbie DeWitt

Wisewebwoman said...

What a great idea. I'm going to invest.
Even tho I keep the heat low it's still very dry.

Oh how our cities change and not for the best!


Tabor said...

Dry winter air makes me sneeze terribly some mornings and I have been slathering the lotion after showers. I have a cool air humidifier that I run in the kitchen for my plants. There are many good types out there. I love your banner of the girl who seems to be breathing fresh air and freedom in her life.

Judy said...

I have a large humidifier that I run all winter.
That little one would be great on the bedside table.