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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


What I shared yesterday
I read
and it sounds delightful.

But the truth is
I still have severe arthritis  and pain
goes and comes in its severity.

Balance still not good at all and walk very carefully with walker.
The walker using instead of cane (still use cane when family takes me some place)
started about 2 months ago.
Feel safer using it in this facility.

Did not realize how many have a balance problem in the past.
In this facility seems everyone has it.  Seems to be a part of aging for many
and really in my past years never gave it a thought and if I did
thought it would skip me :)

In this facility many are getting over falls, returning from hospital after breaking something
I would say 75% in wheel chairs
so I am very fortunate to be considered independent, doing most for myself
and being very careful with the walker.

One here in her 90's shared "if it is in your bloodline you cannot escape it"
so my mother, aunts, grandmother all had this, did not fight it and guess
I still am fighting it and probably will continue the fight and doing all I know to do
without strong medication.
They just seemed to sit down and accept, not my nature
good or bad, do not know......

I still exercise daily, they offer chair exercises almost every morning, went to
class several times but like doing my exercises at 5:30 to 6:00 AM early every
morning, my lifetime schedule has not changed and in bed by 6:30 or 7:00. every night.

Appreciate all the encouraging comments

Granddaughter's still out of school, so cold and roads horrible.
So I am fortunate to be in this lovely place with this severe cold weather.
At my country home it is about zero.

Miss Callie but she is in a good place with Jamie and girls.
I still wonder does she miss me :(

My Caitlin, now 15 with first boy friend, time going by too fast.

a memory


Barb said...

I see that you’re adjusting to a new environment - a place offering rest and safety after too many falls. It has a beautiful view and you’ve filled it with pretty personal things. I know how you must miss Callie. Luckily, you know she’s in a safe place too. Keep writing and sharing - I send you hugs from CO.

lil red hen said...

I'm so glad you're in a safe and warm place. I think of you often as I do morning chores in the cold temps. For someone as active as you've always been, it must be quite a change. Hugs!!